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Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend in Review

Friday night - We took the kids to eat at Zoo-kinis. I thought I had been good but, when I added up the points later, not so much. I then went to the rehearsal dinner. Not much for me to really do. It was too crowded to really follow Gregg around. I was just more of a distraction. But, I did learn a bit more about what light and aperture can do. I learned that when he ask "Check and make sure that light is going off." Don't look directly at the light! Just because it is on a tripod and nearly touching the ceiling doesn't mean it won't blind you!

Saturday - Dropped off entry forms for the Stock Show Creative arts contest. Diva will have two, possibly 3, photos. I have one photo entered. Her game was at 10am. We only had 6 girls so they all had lots of playing time. Diva did really well. She had to guard a former classmate from preschool. She did well. Following the game we say Baby Reagan's sister. Well, Diva saw her. I was dragging twins to the bathroom. I hate I didn't get a chance to hug her neck before the game. Anyway when I told Diva there's a good chance she'll have to play against her friend, she informed me. "Well, I'm not going to guard her. I'll just let her have the ball and make a basket." I think I'd better find out what team Reagan's sister is on and let our coach know. We came home after the game and just chilled for awhile. Literally. The plastic I attempted to put up wasn't doing that great a job. And my great plans to get new windows pronto. Pop! in my face. Tom quickly said, "I'll just pull out one of the other panes and get more cut. We ended up with plexi glass. I came home at 8:45p from the wedding and the windows look as good as before. You'd never know. Pooh........

The wedding was fun. They were moving fairly slow but, we knew this going in. The Cactus was decorated very nice. They were married in the bottom and reception was upstairs. We took awhile with photos but, truthfully I think we moved pretty fast. Gregg says I was a big help and he'd like me to keep working with him. So I guess I didn't goof up too much. On my third or fourth trip down the stairs I called JJ to find out how many activity points I was earning. I have learned that my chief role is pack mule. Or as Diva likes to refer to me "Photographer Maid." Gregg was saying that one day I might even get a camera to take extra shots with. I can shoot cake while he gets crowd etc........ Well, I would have loved to had a camera when the groom took off the garter. He used his TEETH! His mom was behind Gregg so he didn't see her facial. Now, that was one for the photo album.

Sunday was normal. Then babysitter came at 6:30 and Tom and I went out for dinner and a movie. I have totally blown points for the week. It is Progresso 0 point soup for me. We ate at Red Lobster and saw the Bucket List. It is a good movie and I will probably rent it someday to watch again. However, it was a little deeper than I thought it would be. We then went to Hastings for about an hour. We drank coffee and enjoyed walking around and looking without distractions. I know 'big night on the town!'. I do want to go dancing sometime soon. My head was just so stuffed up and I started getting a headache.

Today it is cloudy, windy, cold. The kids have to pick up their rooms. That will be a whole day affair. Tom is outside right now finishing up the basketball goal. Oh, yeah, that's what we did yesterday afternoon. We purchased a portable basketball goal. And ofcourse we did it good ol' Herd fashion. No cheapy looks like the kids can destroy in two days goal for us. We got the king of portable basketball goals. I just hope my assistance isn't needed today. That metal pole got really cold yesterday.

Well it's time for me to get off my hinny and start working around here. Enjoy your day off, if your so lucky. Today is MLK day. We remember Martin Luther King Jr. who helped America desegregate peacefully. xoxo Amy

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