Christmas 2013

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

First I apologize for the light color on the titles. Blogger isn't letting me change my template right now. 
Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and a good start to 2014.  We had a Christmas party with a few of  Tom's new friends at work. Tom's brother, Tim, and his family were here for the weekend before Christmas.  We enjoyed showing off our new home and having family around for a few days.  Christmas Eve the boys were part of the Children's Choir at St. Ann's. It was really nice. Christmas Day was a nice, no stress, fire in the fireplace day.  On Friday Audrey and I drove to Miles. That evening and the next day we attended the Rosary and Funeral Mass for my Great Aunt Delphine. She was a fun lady who will be missed.  She would have enjoyed seeing all the cousins getting together to share stories of her. I always enjoy seeing my Daddy's cousins. There are so many! His Daddy came from a family of 8 kids and his mother came from a family of 6 kids. I'm pretty proud of myself that I can identify most of them.
My brother and his wife Chandra, joined us for Christmas at the Farm on Saturday evening. Tom had to come back to Midland on Sunday but, the kids and I stayed til Tuesday morning.
I guess this is kind of a boring post but, I am going to try really hard (once again) to keep up my blog this year.  So much went on last year that the few little post here and there don't really tell the whole story.
Hugs and Blessings.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Well, we are here. Been residents of Midland for a little over a month.  The kids have started school and we have more than half the boxes unpacked. Even have a few pictures on the wall.  With so many people moving into Midland/Odessa area it is really busy around here.  Traffic is not very much fun, especially during those peak times of going to and coming from work and school. 
The kids have been in school for 3 days.  Audrey started band 3 weeks ago so she has already started meeting people.  I am so glad she has band. She was able to take little steps into the High School setting.  In San Angelo William would have been starting middle school. In Midland 6th Grade is still part of Elementary school. I am soooo glad. He and I both need another year of the elementary setting.  The boys are very excited about having lockers. But not sure yet how they feel about switching classes.  The twins have 4/5 different teachers. William as atleast 5 maybe 6. 

I thought I would be able to get so much done and whip this house into shape. After all the moving and settling I'm afraid I have a bad case of lazy. There's a ton of things that need to be done but, I find myself not wanting to tackle them. Hoping the lazy goes away soon. 

Here's a pic from their first day of school. Oh, yeah, note the 'uniforms'.

Monday, May 13, 2013

William Voice Recital

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William had his voice concert Friday night.  He did an amazing job on HiHO and Mr. Cellophane. So proud of him.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life's Fun Adventures......

Where to begin.  We'll just start at the top.
This past Friday the 5th the kids and I went over to Midland to visit Tom.  We got in about 7p and he took us to eat at Sedona's. I had a Dos-A-Rita and it came with the cutest little Dos Esquis bottle.
 The next day we slept in a bit before getting out and visiting Pee Wee Dalton Boot Store.  Tom has been needing a new pair for some time and done a lot of looking around.  We finally found a pair.  We then took off for the Grande Stadium to see the Texas Tech Red Raiders in practice. 

While at the event James decided to put a quarter in his mouth so he wouldn't loose it while he went through the inflatable obstical
He complained for awhile. I figured he deserved it for putting a quarter in his mouth.  My thought was that it had been uncomfortable going down.  He never coughed like he was going to barf.  He drank some soda and sucked on ice. Even ate popcorn.  Soon stopped complaining about chest and started complaining about heat.
We went back to the apartment to chill out til it was time to meet realtor and look at a house in Odessa.  I laid down only to be woken up by Audrey telling me they can't find the twins.  They had gone outside to play with new friends. Tom had been calling for them and they weren't around.  I walked up to the office area (Tom's apartment is at the back of the complex!) On the way back and after asking everybody I saw, Tom calls that the boys are back.  William knew where the boys lived because he had seen where they went to get bikes.  I figured J&J had followed them out somewhere.  So they are back and it's time to leave.  We meet Stacey at the house. The place is empty.  There is a fountain in the backyard.  There is also a bottle of Dawn dish soap about 1/4 full. 
Joseph + dish soap + fountain =
Lots of Bubbles!  Hint: when you have a fountain overflowing with bubbles turn off the pump.
Thanks to a Wonderful Realtor and her most Gracious husband going over later the soap is gone. 
On way back to Midland we notice the drive-in movie. And yep, decide to see a movie.  The Croods is a cute movie however I don't recommend trying to watch it from the backseat of a Ford Flex. But the kids could all see and that's what counts.  James complained abit while eating a corndog but kept on eating.
11:30p we get back to apartment. James is really crying and rubbing his chest. Tom calls the nurse number on the insurance card. 12m he finds himself going to the ER for an xray. 1:30 he's calling needing medical info on James.  3:00a he calls to inform me the thing is stuck fairly low in his chest in his esophogus. They(midland dr.) are going to send him to an AMBULANCE! Are you kidding me? The doctor that would be called for this isn't on call and he's the only one...blah...blah...blah...too tired at 3am to understand the whys. All I knew was that Tom was rushing home to get a few things and get back to hospital to ride in ambulance with James.  I couldn't take stuff over because I had a vehicle but Tom had the key.
Tom gets back to hospital and I get text that it will be between 5a-7a before an ambulance/personnel for the trip will be available.  They didn't leave til 7:30a. I was able to get my parents to come get other kids.  Our nephew's girlfriend happen to be in town visiting him so she came over and stayed with kids til my parents could get there.  I headed off for Lubbock.  Didn't get there in time to see him before he went in but talked to him several times on the phone.  tough Tough tough. The surgeon went in with a scope and lubricated things up and got the quarter out.  James woke up and was able to walk out of hospital.  We drove around Tech and saw the pretty tulips in bloom.  Then had sandwiches at the Firehouse Subs.  James ate an entire grilled cheese#handful of fritos#2 chocolate chip cookies.  Then a bag of gummy bears in the car.  He and Tom slept on the way back to Midland.  THen James woke up. And boy did he wake up. Talked constantly for about 4 hours.  We stayed in Midland Sunday night because I was too tired to try and drive back to San Angelo. 
So. There is a typical weekend for the Herd.
I'll tell you about the spongebob leg in Joseph's ear on a previous trip, at a later time.  My fingers are cramping.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Tom was offered and accepted the job of Director of Utilities for the City of Odessa.  So mid January our lives really took an odd turn.  We have prayed and searched and know this is where we are going.  The oil boom is making finding a home tricky.  It is making alot of things tricky. But we continue to march on.  The kids and I had two huge loads of kid 'stuff' to be marked for the Just Between Friends Sale that will take place the first weekend of April. *See below post for info*.  Tom officially started on February 25th. He has completed 4 full weeks.  He enjoys the staff and the challenges presented when a town/city begins to grow at a rapid pace. 
We have looked at numerous homes in both Odessa and Midland.  It is difficult to find a house that is a Home#will fit our family#kids like#isn't dated and requiring a fair bit of work#oh..and we can afford.  St. Joseph has been a constant companion lately.  He knows a little bit about moving a family around#following God's plan#houses/carpentry.  We ask for your prayers for us as we make this transition.
The kids and I spent the first 1/2 of Spring Break cleaning out closets and drawers.  We have actually packed a few boxes for the move.  :)  Thursday of Spring Break we went to Midland to stay with Tom for a few days.  We went back this past weekend and look forward to having him here for Easter.
We are glad the Midland/Odessa area is still West Texas and only about 2hrs from San Angelo. 
Friends and Fellow bloggers who have had to make big moves we accept any and all suggestions on how to make the transition.  Tom and I married 17yrs ago, 6 months later bought this house and brought 4 kids into it.  It's alot of 'stuff' and memories to pack up. 
Speaking of kids it's time for me to check in on them.
Hugs and Blessings and thank you for checking in.
Amy & the Herd

Just Between Friends!

Just Between Friends is a great opportunity to get a little extra $$$$ in your pocket OR save $$$$ on some great items.  I've been amazed at the huge growth this program has experienced.  My friend Sandy Jameson is a big reason JBF has had such a great impact on our community.  She and her husband and all the volunteers/workers are great Christian people.  A wonderful lady Debbie has taken allllll of my items that I want to sell and marked them for me.  What a great way to make some $$.  I just packed it up and gave it to her. I'm done. Well....until it's time for me to shop. :)
If you've never been to the sale please find time to go out to the pavilion and check it out.
HUGE KID’S GEAR SALE!! You can shop, sell, volunteer, and advertise your business!
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4608 Grape Creek Road  76903

Exclusive Pre-Sales: Thursday, APRIL 4TH Check the website for details of how YOU can attend!
Friday, APRIL 5TH 10am-7pm Open To the Public
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Benefits, in part, New Bridge Family Shelter


Friday, December 21, 2012

Life since Thanksgiving

Our lives changed quite a bit the week of Thanksgiving.  Tom retired from the City of San Angelo.  There are many factors that drove this decision. Let's just say the new City Manager and the Water Utilities Director and Asst. Director(Tom) didn't mesh well together. So we are embarking on a new adventure. Not sure if it will take us away from San Angelo or not.  Anxious to see what our Lord has planned for us in 2013.  We are trying hard to live by Padre Pio's advice of 'Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry.' 
James and William were thrust into nightly rehearsals for Oliver.  Last weekend the San Angelo Broadway Academy cast of 58 students presented Oliver in 5 performances at the coliseum.  I had my hands on several aspects of the show as well.  My friend Mary and I took the headshot pictures.  Then I took some 1300 production pictures of the kids on stage.  I haven't sat down yet to widdle that number down to a manageable amount to put on a disc.  I am just praying I have enough decent ones to share. 
Audrey has seen a doctor at Scottish Rite hospital in Dallas.  He is a scoliosis specialist.  She has a curve at the lower end of her spine.  It isn't severe but to keep it from worsening he has recommended she wear a brace at night.  She was measured for it and she, Mom, and I went to Dallas this past weekend to pick it up.  She has done really well with it and doesn't seem to have a hard time sleeping.
The kids are all doing well in school and looking forward to an early release today and 2 weeks off.
We pray all our family and friends are safe, healthy, and happy this holiday season.  Big Hugs and Many Blessings for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Little Girl

This precious little Kindergartner - informed us this evening that she was selected for National Honor Society at Lee Middle School.  PROUD MOMMA! YES I AM!

How did this cutie get so big and smart?
Tomorrow night the middle school bands at Lee and Glenn will be in the stands  and then on the field with the Central High Band.  She is major excited about this.  Next year she will be sporting the Orange and Blue.  YIKES!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another Wacky Wednesday

I find it interesting that it takes a crazy day to get me to post on the blog.
Well it has been a very interesting week. Things are upside down and backwards and crazy at work. Never would have thought preschool could contain this much DraMa!! So, work is a bit stressful and contains a fair bit of anxiety right now but, I think...hope...PRAY we are on an upswing.

My third ACTS retreat as a team member is fast approaching.  I have I don't know how many different piles of gotta get done for retreat around here. But wow I love the work and piles that are associated with this retreat.  These women are so wonderful. I love this team. I love my ACTS family. AND I love that several wonderful people I love and adore are coming on this retreat as retreatants.

My family! Wow! Have I mentioned before that 4th Grade with the twins is going to put me away? 4th Grade with the twins is going to put me away. I'm talking straight jacket, wild hair, padded room, crazy laugh, drooling, talking to my toes kind of put away.  No. Seriously. I'm not sure I'm going to make it.  I am so thankful that I have recently been introduced to St. Giovanni Bosco - patron saint of BOYS! William and I came across a movie on EWTN about Fr. Bosco's life.  William was inthrawled. I had been hoping William would chose to be Padre Pio for the Saint Living Museum for his Religious Ed class but after the movie he decided to be.....St Bosco?...No....St. Dominico Savio. A young boy who died while at Fr. Bosco's Oratory. Neat kid and William has enjoyed learning more about him.
Ok. Back to my boys. William is doing well in 5th Grade. Some rough grades on his 6wk report card but we'll get a hold of them.  Tonight he and I had fun working on his recycled art project. We melted crayons in a glue gun and then splattered/Flung/dripped the wax on 3 separate small canvases. He decided to put a cross on one, pink ribbon on another, and Pray for a Cure on another.  Kind of just came together as we talked and worked.  We made the cross one and happened to get a pink crayon when we got to coloring the cross.  Voila! the idea was born.  Will post picture tomorrow.
Joseph had his first piano class yesterday. He is really excited and loves to practice.  It is one note. Held for 3 count, then 3-1counts, then 3 count....etc....  Bang your head on the wall in a 123, 1,2,3, pattern and welcome to my world. Can't wait for his class next week!::snort::  I think it's time to search out some earphones for the keyboard.
James and I ran/walked in a benefit run for Habitat for Humanity.  He enjoyed it. I wish I was a runner and could have kept him going.  He kind of fell away from the pack and then walked/ran for awhile. But we made it the whole mile.  Score! James' is my only kid in a tap class this year. :(
He and William are in the SABA production of Oliver that will be presented in December.
Audrey is still loving her dancing.  She is enjoying her 8th Grade year, Algebra and all. I am so thankful I am no good at math. I have no sympathy for Tom when he attempts to aide a hormonal 13 year old girl with algebra at 8:00 at night.  Mainly because I have just spent the past 5 hours taxi-ing his kids to and from school and SABA for the most part. And working in 4th grade homework with His Twins. Have I mentioned that 4th Grade with the twins is going to put me away? 
Well, I'm getting tired and if you are still reading this you should be tired/confused and a bit nuts.  
Farewell for now and I hope it isn't too long before I'm back with pictures and more fun Kerr Happenings.
Hugs and Blessings.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Wacky Wednesday

I have major sympathy for single mothers, families dealing with death or major illnesses, unemployment, financial difficulty, stressful lives.  I can't imagine trying to do the daily things and deal with some of the issues some families have to deal with.  Or do it alone. 
With that being said I'd like to now vomit my day.  Because I have one of those personalities where if I don't share...and share NOW, I will explode.

5:30a- Wake. Be thankful for decent leftover hair from day before. Bath. Comb hair. Get ready for day.

6:30a-7:15a-All those major get 4 kids ready and out the door by 7:15 mornings. Who fed the animals? MOM I need. Why won't you just try the food in the lunchroom so I don't have to make a lunch? Hurry Mom, I have to be there by 7:25a for the Morning Show. (William is a host/camera man/I have no idea, for the school's morning show that airs in the classrooms each morning. or every other morning. ??) Insert-Mom change necklace twice and earrings once because daughter told her they didn't look good.

7:23a - boys to school.

7:30a - Audrey to school. Sectional practice for trumpets on Wednesday morning.

7:45a-2pm - Mom work day at preschool. Enough said. I promise any wild adventures you can come up with are probably not far off from the truth.

3p - pu James and Joseph.

3:30- Drop James at tap. Forced into double checking with teacher that this is he correct class. I foopawed last week and took him on Tuesday and he ended up in a higher class.

3:45- pu William at school. Morning Show after school stuff.

3:56- drop at orthodontist to be refitted for retainer.  Where did first retainer go?  Lunchroom trash.  Augh!

4:01 - pu Audrey.

4:08-Drop Audrey and Joseph at home to start homework.  Yes Joseph has been riding around with me for an hour. 

4:17 - pu James from Tap.

4:23 - pu William at ortho.  Why do you have on a different shirt? I barfed!  And he's quite proud. 

4:30 - home with William, James, and a nasty shirt.  Return phone call to Scottish Wright Hospital to set up appt for Audrey to see orthopedic about her crooked back. (curve jumped from 12 degrees last year to 27 this year.) After 15 min on hold appt set for November.

4:56- lv house with Audrey to drop at ballet.

Currently - 5:20p and I am spending my time sitting here typing on the computer.  The boys and I need to leave about 5:45p to get to church for first night of Religious Ed classes for this school year. I am so looking forward to my adult faith class.  I miss my friends.

I decided to type this post that was forming in my head the past hour, when I saw this.
Holy Moly. The boys have been working on their homework.  This is only Heaven knows what. The twins are quickly learning they need to step it up a notch or 20. They have rotations - there are 3 4thgrade teachers. They go to one for reading, one for math, one for writing. And then one of those 3 is their home room.  I think they are a bit confused but, all the 4th graders are at this point.
Pray I make it through this year with them.  Just reading tonights assignments has stressed me. 
Well. Time to get ready to leave. Hugs and Blessings.  Thank you for your time and this opportunity to vomit my day!
See you on the other side of the cork!  (wine cork that is.)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to School

The kids have finished their first week of school and so far great reports are coming home.  They all love their teachers.  This is the first year for the boys-twins- to rotate classes. William is very excited about his Science teacher and the new lab they have set up at the elementary school.  Audrey was a bit down when she first got her schedule and learned she wasn't with her close friends in many classes.  Once she got into the classes she found other students she has missed being in class with. She also discovered that a teacher she was nervous about has turned out to be great.
Tonight we attended the opening game for Angelo States football season.  It was a great game with friends.
I have finished my week of inservice and getting things ready at preschool.  We will have students for their first day on Wednesday. 
I'm sure there is more interesting things to report and fun stories that could be told but it is late and I'm tired. I'm just thrilled I finally sat long enough and got off facebook::augh:: to update my blog.
Hugs and Blessings.