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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's Raining Ice!

The news said dry. The sky said cloudy. God said "How about a little ice to cool things off."
I was sitting at Scrapbook University in a Scrappin' and Scripture class(see below for details) when my teacher gets a call. "Oh my! Look girls, it's hailing." Someone called her to see if it was hailing where she was. When I picked up the twins Snot's teacher informed me they were on the playground when it hit. I would have loved to have been there. I bet it was hysterical. Snot's report at supper table "Snot, what happened on the playground today?" Eyes get big. "It rained ICE! I did like this(he puts arms over head.) and run around. Mrs. Sawyer starts run' Come inside. Come inside. We didn't want to." Oh to be a fly on the playground. Wonks reports he too was on the playground. Gotta love West Texas. It was about pea size and didn't last 5-6 minutes. We had a little drizzle after that, then gone. Wacky Spring weather is coming early. We hunted Easter Eggs in the snow and ice last year. Wonder what we'll do this year on March 23rd.
Scrappin' and Scripture. I Loved It! If you are available the first Tuesday of the month at 10:30 for about 45 minutes come join us. I can give you the heads up on the January and February pages. I am totally remotivated again in my Scrapbooking. Jody encouraged me to get a book called The Big Picture. So far, I love it. I am a take 50 pictures at an event type person. I am trying to scale back from always thinking I need to purchase all the prints. Then I end up getting multiple copies for all the kids. Then I want to scrapbook every picture. After 6 pages per kid for Christmas I get burned out. SO! New plan. Scrapbook a few pictures. Journal memories. Make a 'story book', memory book, craft project for my kids to have and treasure. Then take extra pictures that I just can't part with and put in albums for kids. I'm trying to put the fun back into scrapbookin' for me. Now that Diva is older and Wonks too for that matter they might want to have more fun scrappin' some of their stuff.
I'll keep you posted on my progress.
Doin' ok in WW. Haven't stepped on the scale today but, Ash Wednesday fasting should help with that.
Lent has begun. Enjoy. Reflect. Grow.
xoxoxoox Amy

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