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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Coach Who?

Well if you haven't heard. Tom is the Manager/Coach for the Astros' T-Ball Team. Poor sucker. We were beginning to wonder if the boys had been placed on a team. I sent an e-mail and was about to start calling to try and find out what was up. Wednesday night he gets a call. Sorry you haven't heard anything, hard time getting coaches, it's getting close to opening day (April 4th!), blah, blah, blah.......... Ok, I'll do it.
Well, we can't very well have 3 boys on the same team and expect to just sit in the stands now can we?
So we've been off to Academy many times. Not bad. During one visit I picked up a new pair of shoes on my way back to the baseball area after visiting the bathroom with Joseph.
This evening we picked up the equipment and took the boys to the park to 'practice'. ALL the boys. Tom needed to practice his coaching too. How to encourage, speak positive,,,,,,,, He is way better than I am. Luckily our friends JJ & Brian will be part of our team again. Their youngest boy is William's age. Brian was the head Manager/Coach last year so we'll call on his expertise to help us out! I think Tom is really kind of excited. I, having nothing else to do, am Team Mom. Yeah! More parents to keep in touch with and more files to keep up with.
So. Here is our t-ball practice on a nice Saturday afternoon.
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