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Monday, March 3, 2008

Saturday Fun!

Saturday morning dawned with Snoot acting not himself. "Oh, No! I don't want to make him miss the party! " No fever, just runny nose and cough. Half the schools are runny noses and coughs. Glad I took him. They all had a great time.
We had pizza, cake, presents, and bounced and played for an hour and a half at Fun Town. Thank you to all the people who helped take pictures, serve food, and clean up the mess.
Following the party we had a little over an hour to relax. Diva put on her uniform and we headed to the YMCA for back to back games in the end of year tournament. Diva got to play a little in the first game and a fair bit of the second game. She even got in and 'wrestled' for the ball a few times! Did I get a picture? Nope. I was too busy going "Oh My Goodness. Look at Her!"
We returned home around 4:30. Then it was time to really crack into the presents. MOON SAND was one of the big wants for this birthday. It is really pretty cool stuff but, with mykids doesn't last it's $$'s worth.

We then got out of the house for a little bit and decided to catch the Men's basketball game at ASU. Why! Oh Why! don't I get my head up and remember the ASU games? I LOVE to watch college b-ball in person. We had a Great Time. The boys really got into the game when we moved down closer to the court.

Well, as usual, I have spent way to much time on the computer. It is 10:15 and I haven't done squat around here. I have been playing on photoshop too. I have an older version but, I can still do some really cool stuff. It just takes so long to read and learn what everything does. I spent 30 minutes working on one photo!

Love to all. I"ll try to post more later. But, right now I need to go and accomplish something!
xoxo Amy

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