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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sunday at the Park

We had very nice weather all weekend. Diva played in a final basketball tournament. They played Friday night. The other team was coached by the boyfriend of our former soccer coach. It was alot of fun seeing them. We lost that game. We played again Saturday morning at 11a. We lost that game too. So basketball is over and I am waiting to find out what team the boys are on for t-ball. Opening day is suppose to be April 5th.
Saturday night Diva and I spent the night at the YMCA. The Girl Scouts had a sleepover from 7pm til 7:30a. It was fun and I weaseled my way onto Stefanie's king size air mattress. So I slept ok. It was fun seeing some of my leader friend and resparking the things I love about GS.
Sunday afternoon we went to Lowes to pick up a Bathroom book. We are once again visiting the ideas of a new bathroom for us and one for Diva. It has slowly been shrinking as we figure the cost of different things. But, I see that as a step in the positive. When you are looking at huge walk in showers, closets large enough to also be changing rooms etc....... it doesn't seem very realistic. However, Tom went to the extreme last night of showing me a drawing of just redoing the bath we have. Have you seen our bathroom? Not the hall bath, ours. It is tiny and the bottom of the shower is literally about to fall in. No I am not exaggerating. I would take pictures but, I am way tooooo embarrassed.
Ok. We got a book of ideas and headed to the park.
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