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Friday, April 18, 2008

What's been going on at the Herd Home!?

Glad you asked.
Tuesday morning I received a call. Can we come Thursday? You betchya'!!!
I call Tom.....Hey! Guess what? The windows are coming Thursday!
Oh Boy. That means Tom had to get busy on a few things. Like moving electrical.
Luckily he had a good helper like William around.
Say Good Bye Windows!

We can make a real mess when working on electrical. This is the office wall before.

Living Room wall Before.

Wall during.........Office Wall After! New heavy sliding door!

Living Room After! BIG WINDOWS!!!!! I dare those rats of mine to try and get away with something outside without me seeing them.

Isn't it Great!?! I know.....Are you nuts? That is alot of glass to keep clean. Not to mention keeping children from going through. Clean... Well, big flat pieces of glass are way easier to clean than those crazy little slats I had before. And as far as the kids go......James(the window guy) didn't even have to ask. One hour around the twins and he automatically figured the estimate with the tempered glass. Meaning that if a kid attempts to go through it, the window might shatter but, will stay together. So, we're good.

NOW! JJ.....Come on Over! Time to Paint is a comin' up!

Tom and his brother and/or me, will be putting up sheet rock very soon. Then the guys will be back to finish out the windows.

Well. I have dirty dishes and laundry to work on. Yesterday was full of running kids and watching the windows go in.

This morning, Gregg and I were finishing up day 2 at a local daycare. We photographed about 75 kids ages 18months to 5yrs old. NUTS! This evening I am going to go over and learn editing and ordering procedures.




Michelle said...

The windows look great!

Mythreesons said...

I love it! I love it! I love it! They are soooooooooo cool! I can't wait to start on the paint. What are we going to do?????? Let me know when you want to start!