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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ok, this is a first, I think. I e-mailed before I blogged. Usually I blog it, copy and e-mail it. Some people get inundated with Herd info. Well, yesterday I send a copy of the lab rat blog with the following note at top.
Now can you keep a secret?
while talking to fellow parents today i was commenting on how fun it is to have people in your life that are unpredictable/spontaneous/you often don’t know what they will do next. And how totally cool when that person is Yourself!
Well today I did something that later, and still am, thinking, “What in the world?”
What do you have on the shelf in your laundry room closet?
cleaners/detergent/empty bottles that you just might need someday/more gift bags than you have friends and relatives/…..
Well! I bet you don’t have two fire bellied frogs!
I do!
Friday at 5:30p we are celebrating William’s birthday at the nature center. i decided to have his party before the end of school. his actual birthday is the 15th of June. same day as father’s day this year. anyway, the kid loves frogs! Mrs. Betty Jo has been given the special request to make him a frog pond birthday cake. (Betty Jo halfmann at halfmann’s cake cottage has been his religion teacher the past 2 years.)
his party will be at the nature center. so what better gift than a set of frogs!
now. all i need is a volunteer to come over and tell Tom!
Did you know that frogs eat live crickets? did you know that you can get a cricket keeper to house your crickets? did you know that this thing can cost $8.00? Mom- do you have one? also, did you know that if you get a week or more supply of crickets you have to buy food for them? I started laughing at the sweet lady. ‘You mean i need to buy food for my food!”
Well, i had fun. and i know that William will be thrilled!
now……read the follow and judge for yourself what the shelf life of two fire bellied frogs might be. (below this was the blog on the twins grass rats. Well, I bet Mrs. Sawyer would call them mice.)
Well, my BFF informed me this morning that the suspense is too much. She needs to see what these frogs look like. So, this morning instead of working on the power point show for GS, ordering try-its for GS, folding laundry, washing dishes, setting up a t-ball party and checking on trophies, I am chasing live crickets around a bag and photographing frogs!
Meet Frog A and Frog B.
They have a little rock thing too that I got them. But, they kept hiding under it and wouldn't come out for pictures. I just love their bellies. When I took this picture I thought perhaps they should be called Snoot and Snot! The top frog is holding the other one under water. The lady told me they should all be male. The key word 'should'. The frog on the bottom sure does seem fat! Can you see that the tips of their toes are orange too!
Can't wait to see William's face.
Ok. I have alot to do before 1:30. Better get busy. I will pick up Snoot and Snot at 1:30 and Diva has a Pop's Concert at 1:45. Ballet at 4:30. WW weigh in tonight. T-ball at 6:00.
Tomorrow is coffee with Mary at 9:30. I am going to talk to her about our Troop plans for next year. I will have lunch at St. Luke's at 11:30. They are treating the volunteers. Birthday part for William at Nature Center at 5:30. Relay for Life - I walk at 12:30am - 1:30am. Then I need to be ready for Gregg to pick Audrey and I up at 6:30am. We are heading to Sonora to take pictures for a Dance recital. Audrey and I went over last night to take some test shots.
What do you think?

Isn't she pretty?

Ok, well Mom just called and it helped me remember that I need to see if I can get some video off the other camera. I need to take it today to record Audrey playing all her different things.

xoxoxo Amy


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

She's gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Your daughter is beautiful!

The frogs sound like fun! We're growing tadpoles this summer.