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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh My Heavens!

Has it truly been a week since I last posted? How have you survived? Ofcourse I wonder how many are truly checking in because there haven't been any comments or e-mails. Oh well.
We have been busy. I think. We returned from El Paso. I've been washing clothes and trying to keep some order around the house. The kids have been wild!
Tom took down some mor siding and a piece of the bar while we were gone. He's been working on paperwork and doing a bit of electrical. Over the weekend I took down more siding and pulled out the nasty insulation. I had my Upper Case Living Party and earned good credit to get some really neat things.
Monday we swam at the pasture. My parents have a large stock tank they clean out and we swim in. It was great.
Me in wonderful procrastination have let my parent's anniversary sneak up on me. We havw had the date and time set since last Fall. We had our family picture taken in May. Finally got the prints figured out and ordered. Received them last week. FYI - Hobby Lobby doesn't have a wide selection of 20x24 frames. Plenty bigger and smaller but, not many in the size I needed. So, I ended up having to order a custom frame. Thus, Mom is still waiting to hang her picture. The picture of my kids I had printed 20x24 on canvas is so wonderful. I can't wait to have the built in bookcases done so I can hang it up. Then there are the invitations that for some reason my mother thinks need to go out now for an event that is still 2 1/2 weeks away. Advance notice? What' that?

I have been tearing down the pool. We returned to find the motor burned up. Since it was a replacement already we decided not to sweat it. Believe it or not it was a huge ordeal sometimes to get the kids to go out and get in. They have just as much fun watering down the trampoline, playing in the mud, and sitting in the small plastic pool I got the dogs. Go figure. So I took it all down. This summer we put it in the grass. Oh My Goodness! I knew it was going to be flat but, oh my. I'm glad it did come down. Perhaps the yard will have a month or two to recover. Ofcourse I hope that next Summer it won't be an issue because the new bathroom will be going in. We'll see. I'm entering crunch time on the living room. College football is just around the corner. It's all over if football starts before we're done. I think I'll hind the paperwork and files he's been going through so he'll focus on the wall. He can review files while watching the game.
I know some fun and funny things have happened but, right now I'm opening the sliding door every 5 minutes to tell the kids to stop pushing, stop making a mud hole in the middle of the yard, don't hit your brother, let him on the trampoline, Are You NUTS! Stop that right now!, Don't you dare come in my house til you're hosed off! Then there's the kid in the living room who I can hear ha haing on the windows and then writing his name.
Audrey had an upset tummy yesterday morning then spent the whole afternoon wanting to know why she couldn't have a friend over.
Tom will be glad to hear that my little anniversary project I've been working on for the past 3-4 days is done and ordered. He has been steering clear of me. I don't know why I only took of a small part of his ear when I snapped at him the other day.
Joseph thinks he's a dog. Last night when I told him I was going to tether him outside if he didn't stop howling he informed me he's an inside dog. They don't go on tethers.
Tom and I took a few hours Friday to see the movie HellBoy II. All my babsitters were buy so Mom offered to stay with the kids. I really enjoyed the movie. The first one was maybe a bit better. Saturday night we took the kids to Space Chimps. I wasn't as crazy about it but, the kids loved it. It had some adult innuendos. But not bad.
Sunday the whole family made it to 9:00am Mass? Didn't we Freddy? Hard to believe, I know. We then didn't want to go home and get to work so we ended up at Denny's for Pannycakes.
Well, Kym just dropped off the envelopes for the invitations so I better get busy. I want to have them all done so I can stuff them, stamp them and get them mailed tomorrow.
Hope your summer isn't flying by too quick. I lost my ticker. maybe I'll take a few to add one again.
I'll try to check back in soon.


Mythreesons said...

Well, it's about time. I was about to call out search and rescue to see if Tom had stuffed you behind the sheetrock! We need to get together and play again soon. I'm getting bored with the whole week of free time I've had. Ha Ha! Next week I tackle St. Luke's! I did school supply lists yesterday while Lindsey sat in a hotel in Dallas trying to remember what is on the list. I see my summer flashing before my eyes! I don't like it at all!!!!!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

You're blogging! LOL

I shudder to think about the grass or lack of it when we take the pool down...but we are already committed to reseeding. LOL