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Saturday, February 21, 2009


I laugh so hard when I read comments. ::spst:: to you two, and you know who you are!
I did get a bit bogged down with my list but, to be honest it was the list of DVR'd shows that bogged me down more than my accountability list. Something about Fridays, the last day before the weekend, last day to myself, that I get very very lazy and use the excuse I need to fold clothes or organize papers, then sit down and watch show after show of recorded favorites I've missed.
I did spend part of my morning Friday in prayer over my Stations Drama. I only had 10 kids at my meeting, very disappointing. Even more disappointing when Lori, the director of Religious Ed, came in and said we might need to cancel this year. The look on a couple of kid faces was very sad. My face too must have looked pretty sad. I turned to Ken, my 'producer/director/stage dude' for support. We had Jesus there, I had gotten girls for the voice of Mary, the narrator and the prayer. The mother of another Senior girl, dependable, said Kayla couldn't make that meeting but to sign her up where we needed her. So voila, actress Mary. I still need a Pilate, and voice of Jesus and crowd members. There isn't alot of Jesus' voice just in the beginning and end. There isn't really a John listed but, Ken and I both agree it would be great to have the apostle accompanying Mary. So with a little calculating and begging I extended my cancel date to March 1. Depending on how many kids we get at 2pm on March 1st will determine if we have a drama. So pray for me, please.
Friday night Tom and I went out. Audrey was at a friend's slumber Birthday party so we had 'the girls' babysit the boys. Mary and Sarah are terrific. The boys love them. "They jumped on the trampoline! AND they played Pool with us! AND they can jump really high! Where are our girls? Will you go to a movie tonight with Daddy and bring our girls back?" I'm so lucky. They are Sophomores so I should have them for awhile. They both play the flute in the Church choir. Another great way to get the boys to church. When they asked about seeing the girls again I mentioned we could see them in church Sunday. Since the girls are part of the crowd following Jesus in the Drama, I might include J&J. They might behave if they each get to hold hands with one of their girls. We'll see.
I behaved myself well when we ate out. We went to a Japanese place here where they cook in front of you. I brought more than 1/2 home. We then saw the movie Gran Torino. I Love Clint Eastwood! The language was rough. Clint is a gruff old Vietnam Vet and doesn't much like the Vietnamese no matter what side they were on. It is a nice movie to watch as an old man changes and helps. That's all you get from me. If you can get past the bad words I recommend it. We then decided to see another movie, Taken. It had potential for a good story but, they tried to cram too much into 90 minutes, especially when action/fighting/car chases was the only thing they wanted. I am a big Liam Neeson fan too. He isn't aging well. That or they needed him to look drawn and old for the movie. I have never been a Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, George Clooney girl. I like Clint Eastwood, Liam Neeson, Jack Nicholas, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, and my all time favorite babe is Gerard D'Pardue. I probably spelled his name wrong. I especially love the french films listening to him speak french.
So there you go. Today was a cookie booth. Tomorrow afternoon is a girl scout event where different troop have signed up to present a country. Our troop picked Japan. The girls have a fan dance to perform and cool stuff for their booth. It will be a long evening and I'll be glad when it's over.
xoxo Amy

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