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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Here are some more fun pictures taken recently. I don't have one of Audrey because I was going to take the camera in to ballet class but, forgot it. However, I got there when she was doing the splits, correction-trying to do the splits. Not a pretty site. So I know that I need to get off my hinny and start exercising. I have a DVD for Yoga-Booty-Ballet, it is kind of fun. I made a bet with Audrey to see who could do the splits first!

James with his Ms. Amanda at rehab. He did so well he got many smiley stickers and put them on his face! There is a 'popping' game that really freaked him out couple of months ago but, yesterday he went in, got it off the shelf, set it up and didn't even cover his ears! William's basketball practice. I stepped into the hallway to make a few phone calls to my kids for the Stations Drama. When I come back into the gym this is what I find. The girls team that practices on the second 1/2 of the court when we do had joined our guys. They had 6 girls and we had 4 boys. One of the girls, the one you see in the long black shirt and pants (no shoes I might add too.) was on the boy's team. It was lot of fun watching them.

Joseph making crabby patties. I am trying to get these kids, boys mainly, to eat better. I bought ground turkey yesterday. Joseph was already to help. I was hoping that by being part of the cooking process he'd jump in and eat it too. No such luck. He and James both declared them disgusting without even touching them. William on the other had, with a bribe from Dad, took a bite. He liked it! He liked it!! He at the whole thing. Score! one for the Momma!!

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