Christmas 2013

Friday, February 27, 2009

Time to call a Posey

We have just received a message via pony express. Sheriff Matt Dillon.
And his trusty Deputy Festus.
Are on the look out for this wiry fellow.
He goes by City Slicker Joe or T-Shirt Joe, since he has recently developed an allergic reaction to shirts with buttons. It has been decided that the allergy started around the time he was needing assistance removing a knit shirt that was buttoned. His older brother stepped in. After having a button up the nose City Joe decided no more button shirts.
We had this guy, Gramps, turn in two questionable suspects who are being questioned.

Today was Rodeo day at school. When the rodeo comes to town it is a big deal around here.

The above picture was taken on the 25th. The official birthday boys picture.