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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthday update

I had a great birthday weekend.
Saturday Audrey played her last b-ball game at 8am. We then had a day at the art center with her GS troop. It was alot of fun. Remind me to tell you more later.
While at the Art Center Tom called. He had the boys at the coliseum watching Remote Control Airplanes. AWESOME! The boys were having a ball. Tom was told several times that 'this' (exuberant kids) is what they like the most. Well we provided. On the phone I thought there were several kids around TOm. Nope, just mine.
It was really neat. We left there and came home to pack the kids. They spent the weekend on the farm doing Science projects with Grandma. more later.
That evening I took Tom back to the Art center to eat at the restaurant there. You make reservations, there is a limited menu and the food is to die for! Next time I'll take pictures. But, you know it's one of those places where you order crab cake appetizers and they come out with two on a plate with the sauce swirlied around and fresh herb chopped up and sprinkled on. You pay a nice little chunk of change and it covers the whole thing appetizer, salad, soup, entree, dessert. AWESOME!!! Neat atmosphere the whole 9 yards.
We then went dancing. I love to dance with my Hubby! We didn't have babysitters so we stayed as late as our 'young' bones would allow. The sad part......the place where we go to dance...we are the youngsters. We leave, beat tired, and the gray hairs are still kicking up their heels! Oh well.
Sunday afternoon we attended a Prayer Service at the church. It was very nice. Not something Tom would ever have agreed to go to if it hadn't been 'my' weekend. He did enjoy it.
So I had a terrific Birthday!

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I love the new look - HOW did you get all the small photos in your header? I must go learn how to do that - one of these days! LOL

Your birthday wekened sounds great. I didn't know they had a restaurant at the Art Center. I also need to go do the Cactus before we move.....I wish I'd known about the RC plane exhibit...but then I had two engagements on SAT and Mike was in bed all weekend sick.....guess it was best not to know. LOL

I'll be watching for those promised tidbits you teased us with. LOL