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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Checking In!

My new phone is great and I feel we are going to get along real well. I just need time to make friends with it.
My tooth is fixed and I am so glad that Dr. L offered to do it for no charge. He and I are the only one who apparently noticed! My daughter, mother and even Husband didn't know what was different while I grinned stupidly at them.

I haven't done a Monday Project report in a few weeks so here it is.
I am still crocheting now and then. Church has taken over my thoughts, awake and asleep. Sunday practice went well. My support group did an awesome job stroking my I personality. Ken was sick and didn't make it but, I talked to him last night and the croaking has subsided some for him. I also talked to Lori, the director with the hand on the plug. I felt way better after talking to her. She has taken her hand off the plug and backed away. We're a go!
So my Projects are: Work on crochet when need a break. Keep myself organized and informed with the Stations Drama. Make friends with my new phone. Get in T-Ball mode. Tom came home from his meeting and told me that the Team Mom (me) needs to get a 300.00 team sponsor ASAP. After the big part Sunday and kids in bed I sat down and started making my roster and entering e-mail addresses etc.... I asked parents to let me know if they know someone who has a business who would like to sponsor. I was thinking this was something I didn't need to stress about right now. Voila - A dad has the Quizno shops in town (very happy info for Tom) and another Dad called last night who has a lawn and landscape business. So now the problem isn't can't find one. It's got TWO. But, good problem to have and we'll get it worked out.
So my current titles are Wife, Mom, Stations Coordinator, T-ball Mom, OH! And I have agreed to be a faith sharer at Bible Fest this year! AAAUUGGHHH.... 3 minutes to talk about my faith and how I live it. We're most all Catholic so it's not like I'm suppose to try and recruit anybody. ::snort:: So every now and then I catch my brain starting to think of things to say in my 'talk'. Tom and I agree that I will need to write the whole thing out, not just notes and by no means try to ablive the whole thing. Nope, my personality and joy of getting off subject requires I write it all out.
I am still toting around the Home Remodeler title just not putting it into action much lately. Then there are the calls from my Mary Kay customers I have to remember and take care of. Oh there is also that pesky Housekeeper title to deal with.
Alright, that's my little string of thoughts for now.
I think I'm having a case of nervous typing. Audrey has her writing TAKS test today and I am so nervous for her. She'll do an amazing job! I need to post some of her stories soon. HEY! Scathingly Brilliant IDEA! I might let her start her own blog and post stories! hhmm....thoughts from you all. She is 91/2, turns 10 in June. Is this a good idea? If so, pointers on keeping her 'safe'?
Ok. when the scathingly brilliant ideas start flying this fast and quick I'd better close.
Love ya' and I've been keeping up with all you wonderful bloggy friends just not taking alot of time to post comments.

OH! One more thing. You great prayer warriors you. Send a few up for my JJ. She and her family are wanting to move into the country, be closer to Brian's parents, and get the kids in a rural school. They are currently getting their home of 19 years, into sell able shape. There is a home they are really interested in and they buyer is sticking to his selling price. He hasn't listed it yet so I really don't blame him. Brian and Jay go this evening to give the house another climbing over with magnifying glass and a fine tooth comb. Help them as they make their decisions and listen for the God's voice to lead them.
I'll keep you posted!

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