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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Whatchya' Doin'?

Ok here it is in timeline form starting
Kids to school in cowboy get ups.
Home. Shower, clean up, try to get a couple of those house cleaning things done.
Get James at 8:45 for Speech Therapy. Slide in at 9:05 for 9:00 appt. Speech department is at a conference/meeting/whatever for the day. Not sure why I wasn't contacted. Oh well. Get James back to school.
9:40-I'll go check out 'smart' phones at Sprint. spend 30 plus minutes doing that.
Target to pick up gift cards for various birthday parties to attend.
Gas up and wash up the truck. Love the new car wash at HEB.
Grocery Shop.
Skid home. Deposit groceries. Take 30 minutes to sit, breath and eat a bite.
1:30 pick kids up at school. School gets out early because Rodeo is in town.
Decide to take kids to Marble Slab or ice cream treat.
3:15 William to Theatre class.
4:00 pick up William then drag kids outside to help clean out inside of truck.
4:30 get phone call regarding a prospective t-ball team member who lives in a different district but, really, should be ok but you need to call this person then call this person. So take break to make calls. While calling person A and person B. leaving messages, working on solution, yada yada yada. Boys arguing and fighting in truck.
5:05 walk outside thinking ok lets get this thing vacuumed out and then get A&W to b-ball practice. I step out the carport door to see Joseph perched on the back bumper upchucking. AUGH! Not in the Truck! (he just got a little on the bumper, the rest went on the driveway) Tom is walking up from just getting home. What's up!?
BLaahhhh.....Oh No! I played with William! BBLllaahhhh.....Now I'm Sick!!
Talk to Mom.
I'm there and get him taken care of. Bathed, changed, and situated on the sofa assuming the sick kid position.
He tells his Dad. I have bad news. Well, good news and bad news. The good news I played with William. The bad news. He made me sick.
Luckily their little bug was an 8-12 hour thing that passed quickly.
5:30 Audrey to b-ball practice. She is normally there til 7p which is usually like 7:10. William practices 6p-7p. This usually works well. This night I'm told that they are being kicked out of the gym at 6:30. Ok. I'll take William to his practice, then come back and Audrey then go get William. Ok. that will work.
Get William to his practice and the door is locked. Nobody notified the coach that the school was locking up early because of Rodeo day. SO we go back and get Audrey at 6:30.
Friday done.
9a - Audrey b-ball game.
10:30ish decide to take kids to Rodeo Fairgrounds.
But have to leave in time to get James' to a birthday party at 1:30. Only to walk in the door at 1:25 thinking I'm just so slick and actually early for a change. Oops...Party started at 1:00p.
2:40 I'm hustling James through the games. Oh did I say, the party was at Mr. Gatti's. One of those charge everybody who walks in the door too much to eat their ick pizza then get their ear drums blown out in the game room places. I'm hustling James through so we can get to William's 3pm b-ball game. The phone rings. Hey, the bakery just called. The cake is still there and they close at 3:30. SNOT! I forgot the cake! Get James to share tokens so I can play a couple of games and get him some tickets, cash in tickets then fly to bakery. Thankfully I go to church with these great ladies and they love me. Get the cake home. Another good thing the bakery is very close to our house and I didn't have to go far or leave the cake in the car during the game. Drop the cake, fill a Mary Kay order, leave a message for the customer, fly to b-ball game. Get there at 1/2 time. YEAH! William great last game.
4:00 leave gym and head to park for another birthday party for good friend. It's windy and cool and in the park. But, we survived. Hot Dogs were Delicious.
Get home about 6pm. Want to take kids back to fairgrounds? ::Insert wifely glare here::.
I sit down at the computer and begin to hack out an agenda and such for Sunday's practice.
Kids to bed. Ends Saturday.
Make sure all of my stuff is together for the Stations meeting. Get e-mail from Ken-my staging dude, he is still sick and won't make practice. Have mini panic attack.
11a- Mass
12:15-decide to eat out. We end up at a Mexican food restaurant. Rule 29513-DO NOT EAT AT A MEXICAN FOOD RESTAURANT when under stress, after eating hot dogs and a hamburger the day before, the same day you intend to eat birthday cake, AND you are on maintenance with WW AND you weigh in Monday night!
1:30 get home. Gather notebook, help Tom find bag of t-ball paraphernalia, head to church.
2:00 - Kids start showing up. Attempt a walk through of at least 5 stations.
3:30- leave church feeling totally dejected and wondering if this will really work. There are other issues I won't bore you with. But, my kids are terrific! I am a bit too, ok, a lot too flibber-da-gibbity and when I get a wrench like no Ken thrown in I panicked. My support group said it went well considering and it will all be fine. I hope they are right. It's just that every time I close my eyes I see our director with her hand on the plug and ready to pull.
Get home, drink a beer.
4:40 Tom has come home with roster and information for the team mom, me, to take care of.
We leave to the rollerskating rink.
5:00p - guest begin to arrive.
5p-7p - HAVE A BLASTING GREAT PARTY!!!!! With CAKE! I skated, my Mom skated, JJ skated. Yes, I have pics! Even James put on the skates and stayed out awhile. Those who skate, skated. Those who putt, putt putted.
Terrific way to end a weekend.

Tomorrow at 12:10 I have a DDS appt to fix my chipped front tooth. It has been this way for several years. Dr. L has fixed at least twice. When he saw me before Christmas and I told him that I haven't worried about it because the others fell off and I figured I was just jinxed he said make an appt for after Christmas and I'll work on it, no charge.
So I am actually looking forward to time in the DDS chair tomorrow. No talking, no answering the phone, no kids, being forced to lay down. Aaaaahhhhhhhh........

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Therese said...

OK...I am tired just reading all of this! I have the same front tooth chip...3rd time was the charm!