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Monday, August 3, 2009

August is here!

Mass was great yesterday. I got to see Freddy on the alter again. Week 2 of John Chapter 6, The Bread of Life. I had some good discussion with Audrey before Mass.
Tom and I looked at flooring yesterday. It's sad when you are so tired of the remodeling look you'll almost agree to things you swore Never! to in the past. ::snort:: I got some more work done on mudding the corners. I know that a professional would cringe but, I am going with the, "It's better than it was. Don't look too close. It will all even in the end. You won't even notice after it's painted and pictures hung!" attitude. And if people start to look too close and make funny faces. "HEY! Look at our awesome shelves. I didn't do them! And oohhhh aawwwww the windows. aren't the windows great?"
While hitting a few places yesterday to look at phones. We have great phones that Tom got us for Christmas a couple of years ago. Well......I am known to take them outside when working in the yard. One day this past spring. I answered the phone, talked....hung up....then apparently layed the phone on the bumper of the truck. yeah....we're down to one. Not fun. Isn't it sad that growing up when we talked on the phone (1), we couldn't get more than 3 feet from the wall. Now, we have one cordless hand piece and think that we've been on a dessert island since April. Anyway, while visiting Wal-Mart, Target, etc... looking at phones I picked up the markers and crayons we still needed. I found blue and green pocket, brad folders at Albertson's while getting steaks on Saturday. Now! We need 10 8oz bottles of glue and an 8x6 supply box for William. Then I think we will be done! I have sorted all we've received so far but, still need to label that which requires labels.
I know you home schoolers get a kick out of this. I am a teacher's kid, I work at a school, I get it. I understand having to say 16 crayons so you don't get 64. I understand green folders for science, blue for math, yellow for spelling etc...... We ran into a fellow parishioner/friend, retired teacher, from our church. She was cracking up at my drama. With Audrey needing a jump drive(12.00) this year I figure our supplies have cost about $65.00-70.00. Really not horrible for 4 kids.
I have a fair bit to get done today. A trip to the grocery store being on that list. augh!
We are starting our last 4 weeks of summer. August is already filling up. Every weekend from here til school starts has something. the weeks are full of appts, training for me, meetings to get things ironed out at church. etc...
Best get moving.

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Aussie Therese said...

I remember the first year we were in this town 4 children's books and stationary cost us nearly $600.00. I was eye goggling that day I can tell you.

Since then I have become wise and bought from Big W instead of the schools book list. I think the school make a bit of money when you buy from the book list they send home.