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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


In the spirit of sharing our "Really!?! I can't believe I did that." events I have a very funny funny to share. Well maybe not so much funny as. EEwwwwwww GROSS!
I have apparently fallen under the curse of the Kerr Twins and am unable to shake it. The big twins (Tom and his twin Tim) for years called their mom Batty. I told them they drove her to it. Then I got a set of my own and stand firmly behind that belief.
Ok. The last couple of days I have noticed a very unpleasant smell in the cabinet where I keep pots/pans/bowls/casserole dishes etc..... I tried spraying some febreeze around and praying the smell away. That didn't work. So Monday I was on my hands and knees with the flashlight looking around in the cabinets. 'Please....Please...Please....don't let me find a dead rodent....Please. Please. Please.' Nothing. I febreezed again and prayed. This afternoon I was putting away dishes and got landblasted by the smell again! OK. There has to be something causing this. I grab the flashlight and hit my knees. 'Please...Please...Please don't let it be something dead....please...please...please...' OH Geeze! It's coming from that pot. I pull the pot out. It is a large cast iron pot with the lid on. "Please...Please....Please....don't let it be a dead rodent.' OH....MY......GOD! It's leftovers! Apparently I had some leftover stew in this pot and had put the lid on it to......put it in the fridge? wait for it to cool off? I don't know!?! But apparently I thought it was clean and good and wonderful and stuck it in the cabinet to ferment. AUGH!!!AUGH!!!AUGH!! Gross! Gross! Gross! I really love this pot but am seriously considering parting ways. I think I'll wait til the boys get home and let them take it outside and hose it out. Then bleach the daylights out of it.
So why do I say this has anything to do with the Curse of the Kerr Twins? Well. Once when Tom was staying with his parents (back when we were dating so like 14-15 years ago) he went into the kitchen. Came across a smell in the kitchen. Opened a sour cream container and was knocked out by the smell. Bless her heart Rosella had put a closed container of shrimp tails in the cabinet. Again ..... probably cleaning up after a meal. put the lid on the tails so to contain the smell (hee..hee..) then forgot what was in the bowl and stuck it in the cabinet.
Batty I tell ya! They are driving me Batty!
Do you have a story like this? Have you ever found something where it wasn't suppose to be? Meat left in the trunk of the car? icecream in the pantry?


Freddy Medina said...

Oh my! Too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, hey your prayers were answered - it wasn't a dead rodent. LOL!!!!

Margie said...

AMY!! Just yesterday Libby brought me one of her sippy cups from the cabinet. She always goes in there to bring me a cup so I can get her a drink. Too cute. Anyway, I saw her take a sip then hand it to me with a weird look. I opened it up and almost passed out. It had OLD OLD milk from who knows when. I seriously almost threw up. YUCK! She must have put it in there one day when she was done drinking. LOL

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Amy - that is too funny! Thanks for sharing.