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Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Orleans in the Backyard

Our kids are so sweet.  They enjoyed hearing about our trip to New Orleans so much they decided to recreate it in the backyard.  Thanks to very nice weather the show was a hit.
We were really impressed at the talent the kids have. Audrey on her trumpet, William and the twins have been taking tap classes for only 3 weeks and William has really started picking it up well.  Angela-their teacher- says the twins are funny. One gets the rhythm well and one gets the steps well.  I was blown away at Joseph knowing so many of the words to the Eye of the Tiger AND he had pretty get tone and pronunciation.  I guess I'll need to take Mr. Fox up on his suggestion and get the boys into vocal lessons soon too. 

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I had a productive weekend.  Leaves are picked up in the back yard.  Leaves and acorns off the roof. There was a carpet of acorns on the driveway.  Thanks to Audrey and some help from the twins-the carpet is gone.  I got started on the beds in the front too.  I really really really want to shape up the front yard this year.  As well as get some flowers blooming in the back.  Hope I can get it going this year.  Perhaps the kids will be more excited about it this year. 
Time to hit the hay.  I have a feeling another crazy/wild/fun(?) week of Preschool lays ahead.  We have had teachers out sick.  Some are sick themselves with things like pneumonia and flu.  Some are out with their sick kids or one case a kid with a broken foot.  Luckily, fortunately, sadly, several students are out too, we can try to combine classes if need be.  I will most likely be subbing in a classroom tomorrow.  So time for a good night sleep and a big pot of coffee in the morning!

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