Christmas 2013

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Orleans!

I am so excited that our trip to New Orleans is just 4 days away.  Tom and I will leave Thursday morning to celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary in New Orleans.  He surprised me with this wonderful trip at Christmas.  He booked the air and hotel and researched a ton of stuff to do, see, eat, hear. We should have a great time.
I had a little money from Christmas and it included a gift card to a local fun boutique.  My BFF went with me to pick something out.  We found a jacket that was nice and very different for me.  Tom wasn't thrilled. So I took it back and looked for something else.  Well a young sweet 20 something year old who I have gotten to know from the preschool I work at (Tessa would come in and observe our 3 year old class as part of a college assignment) works at this store.  She put me together. What do you think? The only thing I didn't buy was the bracelet.  


Mum2eight said...

oh have a fun holiday. Looking forward to seeing all the photos after.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I love it, Amy. Have a great time in New Orleans.