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Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break-Operation Family DeTox

We had a great time in Fort Davis Texas. I knew my family needed to get away and detox. I think it atleast got the process started. We were all stressed, tired, and on each others cases about everything.  We had a hard time finding a place to stay and for a while I was afraid we wouldn't get to go.  Then we found out about the Drug Store Restaurant and Hotel that was opening this past weekend. We gave a call and scored two rooms. The family was really nice and we were honored to be their first guest. They took a picture with us outside the front of the restaurant.  I will have to get a copy of the picture. 
Joseph and William have discovered a new all time fun thing. ROCK CLIMBING. James was a little more causious but took off too. Audrey took a few days to warm to the idea  but then had alot of fun too.  Joseph was a little monkey. He'd take off and not stop. "Joseph stop." "Just one more huge rock." "But Joseph, you can't go through that cactus." "Oh........, here's a path." charge straight ahead. "JOSEPH!" "WHAT!?" "You can't go over that rock." "WHY?" "There's nothing but cliff on the other side!" "oh." looks around. face lights up. "THIS WAY! Follow me!" I don't think so. :).  He did have a blast. Always ready to pull off the road and take on that mountain.
I have lots of pictures. It is sooo dry and brown still that several pictures are fairly washed out. So I am tweeking them a little and will then make a smilebox to post.

I have an important project I am working on. I need as many prayers as you can send. I am working on a talk and have hit a few stumps. Thanks.

xoxo Amy

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