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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

We started out the New Year with a Bang or a Break if you will.  Last night about the same time the Cowboy game was beginning Tom received a phone call from his brother who reported he had low water pressure and was curious if there was a problem.  Then our phones started ringing and we realized we were very low on pressure as well.
A large main line at the water plant broke. 3/4 of the City was without water til about 2am this morning.  Tom came home and got about 4 hrs sleep then the phone started again.
The City Employees have the day off for the New Years Holiday. Well, not all the employees, crews are out taking care of aftermath problems from the break. The break isn't fixed, just bypassed.
I am saddened by the negative, rude, and some hateful comments posted on Facebook regarding the break. I know that because of my relationship with Tom I have a better understanding of the water plant and what all is involved but, I truly feel that if people would just stop and think they would realize it's not a matter of unhooking a hose, turning off a faucet and switching.
Many of our lines are old, water pressure, pumps, lifts, valves, water towers are all involved. And when people comment about workers standing around and eating sandwiches it really goes all over me. They are waiting for  HUGE valves that require100's of turns to be turned off so they can get to work. And sometimes it takes alot of accessing and discussing to decide the best, safest, way to handle a problem. 
Ok. Rant over.
So what did you do New Years Eve? We took the kids out for Mexican, walked around downtown, came home, watched a movie and were in bed by 10:30p. :)
I know I am ready to get back to work, get kids back into school. Start back with a routine, schedule.  I have gotten very lazy and pathetic.
We have today, Monday, and tomorrow then a short work week to get us started.

Happy New Year. Big Hugs and Many Blessings for a Great 2012.

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