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Friday, August 31, 2007

You Laugh!

You laugh, but I'm serious, this is totally possesed. And see I need spell check because I know I miss spelled that word.
The orangatan (again sp) was at the zoo in El Paso. Now, if the first attempt at that posting had worked it noted that Iwas going to attempt adding a picture but, wasn't sure a picture of what. I am still a bit wigged out about putting pics of the family on it. But, I believe I have my BLOG set up where only invited may visit. So I will work on this. I had researched things to do in El Paso and noted they have a zoo. I love zoos. And I love monkeys, chimps, orangatans, animals other places don't have. Bless my families heart I had them at almost a run to find him. Then when we got there he was sitting behind a pole with his back to us, hidden in the grass. Ikept my camera aimed on him begging him to move. He did! Finally. My family was already moving on. "He's moving! Come back!" "SNOT come see the big orange monkey!" He was looking for a tiger. They did love him but, didn't want to sit and watch him as long as I did.
And NO, it is not a picture of me needing a haircut! And you won't believe this, well you probably will, I got up told my self over and over to call Judy and make an appointment. Do I have a haircut appointment? No. Totally forgot.
Just returned from the hotel suite where I helped Mom celebrate her 60th birthday with a few of her friends, my sister B and sister-in-law C. Oh, my gosh! We had a terrific time. I think Mom really enjoyed it. Thank you to her friends who helped make this such a special evening for her.
I think I'll go read Harry Potter for awhile and try to get to sleep. It is 11:40p.
xoxo Amy

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