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Friday, August 31, 2007

See, now I look even more mental than I did before. Now people will be clicking in wondering what I am talking about and what question. I went in to do another question. Guess what? They apparently take the old one off.
SO for those who think I'm mental, well I am but, not all the time.
When setting up my profile I had a question about my hairstyle. I type in this answer. Didn't click something right so click whatever it was and re answer the question. However, I didn't notice the question changed. It was something about wrestling and what my final move would be. Well, now it looks like I'm an orangutan who wrestles with her hair.
Only because of Freddy's faith in me do I think I can do this.

HEY! I just found SPELL CHECK! Freddy did you say a prayer to the patron saint of bloggers for me?

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