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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And the Names ARE.........

Snoot and Snot! Ok, I know Huey and Duey had one more vote than Snoot and Snot and technically they won. BUT, I like Snoot and Snot better and since I have already been using Snoot and Snot, I'm sticking with Snoot and Snot. That I know of a few who haven't even clicked on since I opened the blog, and they like Snoot and Snot. So there.
Well, I am feeling miserable today. I did start laundry though. It always makes me miserable anyway so might as well. I have been a bit lazy but, I'm Sick, and I don't wanna' . I did make up my bed, the kids beds, and start pricing garage sale items. So not a complete lose.
Now, I am going to sit for 30 minutes before I have to get Diva and Wonks. Snoot and Snot are vegging and being quiet. I like the days they stay til 1:30. They come home throughly pooped.
Take care. I'll check in later.

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