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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Appendage Pride, Identity Crisis, Spiderman Toboggan

I have to make this quick. (this part was written at 9am. It is now 2:15pm because I was incapable of making it quick. So this is long. Be sure you have several minutes to read.)

Yesterday was busy. Pampered Chef Party at 10a, Nut Mom meeting at 12n, PU boys at 1:30, Rehab at 1:30, Big kids at 3pm, DDS for Diva at 3:40, grocery store, Football practice at 5:30, fix supper.

Pampered Chef - easily enough to understand. Fun with friends and all their babies, lots of new kitchen gadgets to purchase and hide from Hubby then bring out one at a time.

Nut Mom meeting - Those of us going insane "Nut Moms UNITE!" Ok, maybe not. Girl Scouts have a Fall fundraiser where we sell mixed nuts, calendars, tins of goodies, etc... They are fairly reasonable priced, the sale barely last 10 days and the girls get a little extra $$ to tied us over til cookie $$ starts to roll in.

We had a Rehab break through! Two actually!! Snoot can now straighten his arm to +10, that is just past perfectly straight. Way good! Still working on bending. He is at 135 and 150 is preferred. Snot did well in all his stuff. And last night at supper when Daddy asked him what he did in school today he had a 'real' answer. We usually get "I go to school. Mrs. S.." and that's it. Well last nights response was. "I go to school. I sit time-out because I spit John." Inwardly I'm thinking WHOOPIE!!! A real answer. Good sentences. Then we had to address why he spit on his buddy. I told Mrs. S about it this morning and she too was excited for him.

After Rehab we picked up milkshakes then retrieved Diva and Wonks from school. Came home. Daddy decided to cut his day short and came home. YEAH! He stayed home with boys while I took Diva to DDS. Good report and I got 15 minutes to read in the waiting room. The lady sitting across from me laughed when the hygienist came for Diva and said 'we'll return her shortly'. I responded "Keep her as long as you like. This is free time for me."

Since it was just Diva and I we hit the grocery store. Came home, unloaded, found Hubby at 5:15 and he reminds me of football practice. He usually goes but, I decided to make the walk today. It is great that they practice in the park just across the street from us. I visited with a fellow mom and actually got my GS meeting figured out for Tuesday.

At one point I look up and see a couple of boys around the Oak tree. Later to be understood as the peeing tree. Then realize one of the boys is Wonks, whom still has yet to learn you don't have to pull your britches down past your buttocks. So I see this little white butt glowing at me from across the park. Then, to my horror, he turns around! I attempt to bury my head but, it's too late. Well, I guess a positive could be "He's proud of it...?....." Maybe not. Well, all I know is I'm out of walking to the park from now on. And I'm steering clear of the oak tree.

We get home. I start supper. While cooking spaghetti I look up to see my daughter/son/play doll, walk into the room. Diva has dressed Snot up like a girl. Again. The worst part is he goes in her room and asked to dress up. Oh brother. Bath time I discover both the twins have their nails polished. Then Snot decided to sleep in Diva's room with her last night. 3:30am we hear a load thud, like a small head hitting a hardwood floor. Hubby flies out of bed. As he rounds the corner I call out Diva's room, Diva's room. He turns, slips, falls. Luckily he only bruised his butt. Snot come around the bed rubbing his head. We take him into our bed and I begin to cuddle him and baby him. "Don't baby him too much. He's having enough of an identity crisis as it is."

Oh, Spiderman toboggan. Wonks insist on wearing his toboggan to bed. I guess in light of everything else that isn't too big of a deal but, it sure seemed like drama last night.

Well, I have returned from having a pedicure. I was encouraged to have one after my sister experienced one with her friend and said it was nice. It was pretty cool. But, I didn't take my sister-in-laws advice and not shave my legs. I just couldn't stand them this morning so I shaved. Read my nails "DO NOT SHAVE BEFORE A PEDICURE!!!!!" If not because you don't want to possibly acquire some kind of bacteria, then don't do it because when they put the granule scrub on, you don't nearly fall out of the chair and into the little tub of water. Now, my sister had just commented that you're not suppose to shave because you don't want a reaction to the cream/exfoliate etc... I was thinking "oh poo, I bet I don't notice a thiiiiii.......
AAAAAAUUUUGGGHHHHHH Leg on fire! Leg on fire!!!!!! Now I can't react because then she'd know, right? And I think she was there when our sil (sister-in-law) commented on the don't shave topic before. I just knew the flames lapping up from my legs and the huge red blisters would give me away. However, there was no redness or whelps. But, if this chick ever has another pedicure you can be guaranteed something resembling Big Foot's legs will be walking in.
What do you think of my Double T's? Wong Le/Who Shi....... whatever his name is, did a pretty good job. There isn't really a cross bar for the second smaller T but, those that know me have said "Yep, it's a double T." and when I went into the living room just now to take this picture Snot sees me and starts yelling "Look Snoot! It's Texas Tech!" Snoot, being the genius he is says "No snot, it's the letter I." Ok so one will be the sports fan, the other the computer geek.
Well, I now have about 15 minutes before I need to pick up Diva and Wonks. I guess I can start sorting laundry. Yuck! oh..... wait ::snort:: I've seen this on other mom's blogs. Apparently snorting in :: is the think to do. Can't be left out you know.
Enjoy your Tuesday!

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