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Friday, September 7, 2007


Tomorrow is big game day. Wildcat soccer at 8am and Cowboy Football at 2pm. That's Flag Football cowboys. So, the one voter for Cowboys in the poll won! Congratulations! Pat yourself on the back.
As you may have read in your Word from the Herd e-mail I had a wonderful morning. I enjoyed saying hi to people smiling at old ladies. Returning merchandise and getting money back. I had my nails done and totally love Kim Le's. One of the some bigillion nail salons in town. I am only going back to this one. Picked the boys up. They had good days. Snot was totally cute showing me his name bug. Got them in the truck and buckled in the back seat. I got in behind the wheel and no keys. I spent 20 minutes looking for those darn things. Finally borrowed JJ's keys, took my milk home, got the extra key and returned to school for my truck. Fed the boys, wrote an e-mail and cleaned the truck. They were in the pocket of the driver's door. Now, I know I didn't hear them hit the door when I dropped them over the seat. Of course I had snoot and snot jabbering away so I could have missed it. Oh, well, the truck is clean, I found a crochet hook, the red ball out of the funky computer mouse Tom has and hasn't been able to use for weeks now because of Snots cleptic problem and love of balls.
And to encourage my euphoria of positivism I found a bracelet of mine that reads Live, Love, Laugh, Learn.
I had stared thinking I would use my BLOG for encouraging thoughts, observations, Amyisms.
So, here is something that if you don't already do you might think about. Do you pray for strangers? I do. Usually in my truck. Today I was patiently waiting at a stop sign for this car to hurry up and go by so I could cross. Two very little old ladies were in the car. I said a quick prayer for their health and safety. I sometimes do it in the store too. That is when I'm shopping by myself. If I'm shopping with the kids I am usually on a Bless Your Heart Mission.
Oh, now here is something you mothers might go for. When you are about ready to dig a whole in the backyard and bury them so deep the dogs can't dig them up you might try this first. Well, of course first is always pray for patience, count to 10 or 100 depending on the situation. THEN, dress the darlings in their cutest, load them up and head to HEB or Wal-Mart. Put them all in the basket and head out to collect your Bless Your Hearts.
"Oh, what cute boys. Are they all yours?" "OH! Bless Your Heart. Enjoy."
And don't forget to take the Better you than me comments with your chin held up. Even though sometimes we don't feel like it we are Blessed. Especially if we didn't have difficulty getting pregnant or having our babies.
We are invisible contractors on the mission to build our cathedrals as big, strong, beautiful creations giving praise to God.
WHOA! That was pretty good. I guess my creative thinking comes not only while driving or pushing a shopping cart through Wal-Mart, I also get them late at night BLOGGING!
The cathedral thing comes from that e-mail I forwarded earlier this week about the mom who felt invisible until she read a book she received from a friend. The book was on some of the beautiful cathedrals in Europe. The e-mail talked about how she felt like one of those workers who nobody may ever know but, who was part of such a beautiful creation. So, when you feel invisible or unappreciated just remember you are building a cathedral and sometimes we need to hang by our feet to work on a high beam to get just the right touch.
Ok. well one of my little support beams fell asleep in my bed next to the head contractor around here. Since I need to cheer my little cathedral to greatness tomorrow I'd better get to bed.
I first need to set my coffee pot. I hope I remember the granules this time.
Have a great weekend. Thanks for checking my blog.

Ok, I just re-read and I need to know what is the name of that disease where people feel they have to pick things up. Don't you call them a cleptomaniac? Yeah, that's it. See, Snot has this problem with the toys in his classroom. They are just way too cool and he needs to bring them home. This morning I noticed his backpack was 1/2 full of toys!
Ok, off to bed. Bye

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