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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hi Howdy Ho!

How are you doing? Haven't checked in for awhile. Today was nice but, a bit crazy.
Last night Wonks had a football scrimmage. He did really well. I have been thinking of an e-mail all day. Will work on tomorrow. Worked on Laundry. YUCK! Hate Laundry!
THere are still piles all around. I have started making my laundry piles in various locations from the laundry room to the bathroom so I don't forget to check it. Sad, I know. I did get the kitchen clean. My friend Kristen came by this morning and we had a nice visit. Bless her heart, we talked while she watched me wipe down my kitchen counter and sort through school papers.
Snoot & Snot had good days at school. So did Diva & Wonks. Diva had her first ballet class for the year. Three of her friends from last year are in her class again. THey had a small group today. ANyway, she is glad to be back but, at the same time realized she needs to do more stretching. She is in intermediate II class this year. I beleive she still has a few years before toe shoes but, they are already working toward it.
HEY! I remember why I starte blogging. Have any of you had to create a gmail account to check out my BLOG? Kristen did. I noticed on the permission list of people I sent e-mail invites to. I send to the e-mail address I have. Several of you who have checked in show the e-mail address I already have but, some of you have the gmail account. Does a person have to get another e-mail to check my BLOG? If so that is probably why so many haven't checked it out.
Ok, well I have been making notes today for my next e-mail. I'm telling you, I so need to check into a digital voice recorder to carry around with me. I had a thought yesterday as I left school and today Wonks was telling me something that totally crackered me up but, I totally lost it by the time I got home and to my pad. I was driving at the time or I would have written it on the pad I now carry in my purse.
Ok. Go to bed, or back to work, or to another BLOG. This one is boring.
Love ya'

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Margie said...

On my way to bed...thought I'd check in. I don't think you HAVE to have a gmail account, although I did sign up for one, but it was after the fact. Luis does not have gmail and he uses his suddenlink account to log on. I think some people are leary of signing on because you have to have a google account. I know I have invited about 15 people so far and only 7 responded. So I kinda know what you mean. Keep it up Amy, love your posts :)