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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Blog that started.......

borrrrringgg...... Has Life!
Yesterday was a fun day of friends, kids, sports and $$.
Two of my friends, my Mom and I had a garage sale. It was really a lot of fun. We had tons of stuff and all made a little pocket $$. Snot retrieved a red bike helmet and red scooter. Snoot decided Saturday morning the scooter needed to be his and Snot finally released it with the hopes that Santa will bring him a brand new SpongeBob scooter from the A store.(Academy) Snot also retrieved a funny coffee (mug in the shape of a clown's head) and a tree ornament of a mail bag with a little elf asleep on top. I'm not sure the elf will make it til Christmas. In the process of one afternoon he lost his head, fell of the bag, and lost a foot. All have been retrieved and glued back on.
Hubby had the loving job of taking the twins to their 8am soccer game. Snoot couldn't bare to be separated from his scooter so it rode along in the car. At 12:30 Hubby took Wonks to the first of his two football games. And of course this was the game where Wonks finally got to a flag. But, he promises to do it again so I can see him. The 3pm game went well too. We won both and are currently undefeated. Speaking of big wins GO RAIDERS!!!! The Defense was great! Show me your Grrrr... face! And to make our win sweeter OU and UT both lost!!!! Hubby tried to explain the logistics of if this team wins and that team looses and this team beats that team blah, blah, blah, and we win all our games left (miracle) we could win the South, the war on hunger, the Piston Cup, I don't know. I just take it one game at a time and wear my Red with pride!
Ok, so Doodle left the sale with her friend and the friend's dad took them to a birthday party. Following Wonks game I picked Doodle and her friend up. They had been there 2 1/2 hours and only swam. The pinata was intact, the cake was still whole, presents wrapped. I begged for forgiveness all the way home. Doodle had been up since 5:30am and was barely conscious by the time we got home.
It was a fairly normal Garage Sale Saturday. Until.............
We hadn't had much time with Daddy lately so when he suggested we check out the ASU football game we all agreed. It takes the Herd approximately 1 1/2 quarters to clear out a small section of the stadium. If you look at the Home side from across the field I'm sure that you can quickly see where we sat. Wonks caused his soda to spew so that got rid of the man in front of him. A gentleman who works with Hubby was sitting behind us and gave the twins his set of inflatable clappers. Let them swing those around for awhile and you get the people on either side of you and behind to scoot over or leave. Have Rosco the ram come walking by and the Herd charge down 4 rows of seats to get to him, that will take care of another 5 or 6 people. We couldn't run off the people sitting to our right. But, later found out they have twins so they are immune. When the Mom in front of us and a little off to the side did the arm save of Snoot, like a pro, it was obvious she was immune as well. I think their Daddy was a bit distraught when the twins started showing off their dancing talents during halftime. They stood up on the row in front of us and went to town. The fact they were more interested in imitating the dance team and not the football players was a bit unnerving. But, it's easier to dance in the stands than to run for the 1st down.
We had all started getting tired and decided to leave after the band. As we were heading around the stand to our exit where we parked the car, the announcer called for the Ram fans to take the field and welcome the team back on the field. Well, there's the invite, lets go. If they yelled "It's the Herd! Go back! Go Back!" we didn't hear them. I had a firm grip on the twins. We got in a line and waited. The excitement building. Once in line I let go of the twins and they were doing well. I assumed they understood what was taking place. They saw the other people with their hands held out and waiting to slap hands with the players. One guy from the sidelines, a captain, came walking right by us to get to center field. Snoot looked up at him in total awe! We were yelling and clapping and getting ready.
HERE THEY COME!! Rosco's in the lead with the flag, and a couple of cheerleaders! They run by. Snoot runs by. Charge! Ram stampede right on his tail! Lost in the pack. Hubby takes off running down our row behind us. It's amazing how quick the mind can calculate things. Don't yell, he'll stop and get trampled. Don't go after him, you'll get trampled too and since he had that 2 second start if you go now you'll be in the middle of the team. Hubby doesn't go into the pack, he runs along behind the row of people hoping to grab Snoot at the end of the row. But, we are talking about a member of the Herd. He doesn't hit the end of the row and cut left or right. Nope, he turns around into the pack of on coming Rams. Now, the only explanation is Angels. The Ram angels are coaching their guys, munchkin at 2:00! Snoot's angel quick with the security bubble. And all ends well. Time for the pass off of Angels. When things like this happen I can always see the Herd Angels. The one watching Snoot passes out and request oxygen, high fives the next angel who comes swooping in to take over. A Ram angel comes over and says "I had no idea you were serious! When we had coffee last week and you were telling me about them I thought you were exaggerating. I"m glad I'm assigned to the football team. I don't think I could handle those two. Here's some extra angel dust. Sprinkle it on Mom's little blue pills!"
It's time to get moving and get ready for 11am Mass. The whole family is sniffles and coughing. I hope I remember to pack tissues this morning.
Lots of love and enjoy your Sunday!

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