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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Relaxing Tuesday!

Well, relaxing Tuesday morning. My friend JJ and I spent the morning together. I totally loved it. JJ has been a best friend since age 4. 33 years ago the 'big girls' chose us to be the junior mascots for the drill team at our school. She is every definition of a true friend you have ever read. I am so blessed to have her. We visited for about an hour and a half then met her mother-in-law at a furniture store. We were very helpful, at first. We were to give our opinions on sofas, love seats, and possibly a recliner. We saw several we liked. Yea'd and Ney'd a few. THEN........ we found the massage chairs. One for her. One for me. I am so totally asking Santa for this. The little timer on the remote said 15 minutes. I know we spent at least that long in those chairs. Giggling, laughing, cracking jokes, wooo hoo ing and awwwwwwing. So to ask that question that every parent has. "Will they ever grow up and learn how to behave?" In our case...... Nope!
Judy finally finished her business and we were forced to leave. Only the promise of food could bring us out. We visited another store and saw the dad of a former class mate. There we found a really cool reclining sofa. both sides flipped out. But when the leg rest flipped out it became a kind of chaise lounge. I so need to make a better habit of taking my camera with me. We could have gotten some really fun pictures today. Anyway, that sofa has my vote. Judy then treated us to lunch at Red Lobster. Yahoo!
Picked up twins. JJ went to school to read with Third Graders and I packed up my goodies for my Girl Scout meeting.
We had a very good meeting. I'm sure those Moms are thinking the title Nut Mom fits me in more than one way. I am Nut Mom because I am the parent taking care of the paperwork etc.... for our Fall Fundraiser, nuts and goodies. I can be the most organized together person at home. Have things figured out to a T. I get to the meeting and pllsstt (is this how you spit on Blog?) there it goes. The words "I don't want to be Leader but, seriously, is she the best we can get?" is bound to at least be thought. Ok, I know I'm being hard on myself. I stress out before a meeting then beat myself up afterwards. Oh well, do what we can and let the rest go.
My sister was a sweety and stayed with my boys while Diva and I had our meeting. I came home, helped Diva with homework. I won't even get started here. We did real well working together. I try to help without giving the answers. She attempts to understand.
We ate supper and I actually cleaned up the kitchen, completely! yes, this is big for me.
Then..... SpongeBob Game........
NOOOO Not the SpongeBob Game.......
Yeah the SpongeBob Game!!!!!
Daddy actually encouraged them to get the game out and we all sit down and play. This is the Life Game, SpongeBob style! Makes a person wonder. Wonks flew across the board getting a good job, collecting lots of $$, making good housing and pet decisions. Diva was a bit slower but, still made good decisions and didn't get hit with too many expenses. Snot was just there to collect life tiles and SpongeBob cards. Snoot,the supposed brain of the group, hit heavy expense cards, bad paying jobs, low rolls, you name it. But did it all with a smile and not a care in the world. He'd spin a 2, move to a free spin space, spin a 6, end up on an expense space and end up owing the bank $600. Turn around and do it again the next turn. Tom and I got to laughing every time Snoot's turn came up. When he got upset and declared it NOT FUNNY, the bank forwarded him $1,000. Now that's the Life!
I still have a few things to get done. Take care.
We put Halloween and Fall decoration up outside Sunday. I still have the inside to do, hopefully before the week is over. I'll add pictures soon.
Take care.
Take care.

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Margie said...

I love it when dads break out the games and get on the floor with the kids..Kudos to Tom!!!
By the way, you are an excellent girl scout leader!! Gabi loves you too!!