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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Hi there fans. I know you are out there, you few desperate souls who just can't get enough of the Word from the Herd. Let me hear from ya in the comments. I strive on recognition. I enjoyed my visit with my doctor this morning. I really do miss seeing all of them.
And...this evening I sit down to check my e-mails and I have one from KYM!
She is at MD Anderson in Houston and the little stinker went in to the business center for patients and families, and she checked e-mails!!!
She reported she was glad she was near oxygen when she read the e-mail!!!
But, she is a quick bouncer and is excited for the troop. So I think I'm ok.

Ok. Here are some things to ponder.
You can't argue with an eight year old girl who is half Irish and half German and always right.

No matter how nervous you are when a marble swallowing twin has something in his mouth. Always have a napkin/plate/Kleenex/scrap piece of paper./something... available when you ask "What do you have in your mouth?"

And when you live in the city and have a social lite daughter don't put on your bedroom skivvies til bedtime and always have a robe handy. You want an example? Ok.

This evening we returned home about 7:30pm from our first night back to Religious Education. Diva, Wonks and I all have classes we attend. I was hot and ready to shuck clothes before hunting down food for the kids. I decided to just put on my sleeper shorts and tank top. Wellllll my sleeper shorts are like a pair of men's boxers and my tank is a very thin white shirt. Let's just say that this outfit wouldn't look bad on ???? (insert name of model, I can't think of one right now,) but, on me not so good. I am putting something in the refrigerator when I hear "Hi. Amy." ( my fridge is a bottom freezer fridge so I can't see over the door.) I respond "Hi!" Then realize, "hey wait. Who am I saying hi to while I stand in my kitchen in my not so glamours night clothes. I look around the door to see Jilly, Diva's friend since age 3, and one of my girl scouts.Oh, and her mom is Kym! Who I know is in Houston. "Hi Jilly..... Whatchya' doin'?"

She had been at the park across the street with her sister (age 21) and stopped in to say hi.
SO! Now I know why 'they' created Lounge wear. This is why I like Winter. If it had been cold weather I would have been in my Texas Tech flannel bottoms and a thick t-shirt or something long sleeve. So, I guess it is time to realize my kids are getting bigger, the days of friends coming over at anytime is upon me. Now, I have been caught by MK customers before but, usually during the day and I have just looked ragged out.
Hubby says I didn't look bad. but, yeah, the boys are growing up too. Guess it's time to crack out the robes more often.
I truly hope that the friends of my kids feel comfortable at my house. I'd rather have them here and know what's going on than off somewhere.

well... on that note. I'll sign off.
Oh! I have decided to start throwing in a picture every now and then even if it doesn't pertain to the e-mail. So let's see what I have......
This was one of those rare occasions when the twins were invited into Diva's room for a tea party. Now, an invitation to Diva's room is as coveted an invitation as say an invite to the Presidential inauguration ball or tea with Queen Elizabeth or a visit with the Pope. Get the point? The boys were very well behaved at the party in hopes of receiving an invitation to return. This was probably sometime last Fall.

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