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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good Wednesday!

I need to get boys to school pretty soon. Just wanted to check in and say Hi. And I added another girl scout this morning. I had talked to another mother yesterday. She lives on my street and her daughter is in Diva's. Kassidy wants to be in GS too. So, that raises our numbers by one more. Yes, I am thinking of a cool way to let Kym know. I think I've got it. She is in Houston for a couple of days with her husband, for a medical check-up.
I am on my way to my yearly check up after I drop the boys. I actually look forward to it. I miss my doctor. I saw her soooo much the year I was pregnant with the twins. I also relish the time to just sit in the waiting room and read.
Take care.

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Federico Medina Jr. said...

Too funny! I drove by Holy Angels last night around 7:15 on the way home from Goliad Elementary and saw how busy it was. It was good to see all the people there. Glad you had a good time.