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Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm back!

Here I sit. Again. I really need a nap. I had a few cat naps between 5:30a and 7:30a. I did get off my duff and got the kids ready for their games. I had to take 10 to count to 10 when I started getting on Wonks because he wasn't hurrying. I had to remind myself that if I hadn't been playing with my blog, Wonks would have had plenty of time to chew on his laces, walk in the living room 3 times in his sleeper pants to be reminded he was looking for his black shorts, and take 15 minutes to put his socks on. So once I realized I was the guilty party, things ran a bit smoother.

Diva and I took the twins to their game. They did great. Snoot was a go getter. Snot too. It was really hot at 10am and the game ahead of us was running 10 minutes behind. I thought we were doomed when the twins started fussing 2 seconds after we got to the field. And since my Mom was driving in for the games I just knew things would go bad. I was so afraid we'd all sit their in the heat pleading with the boys to go play. Didn't happen. They were very anxious to show Grandma how fast they can run in their super fast Gardens (shin gards). They might not always be running in the direction of the ball but, they were super fast doing it!

Hubby took Wonks to his game and we all joined later. They started on time at 11am. Wonks did real well. It still amazes me that he gets out there and keeps going. Now he will cut left and run in a straightline to no where while all the action is on the other side of the field but, he does it with gusto! I will say that he did get real close to the opposing teams ball carrier a couple of times (when they went left as well that is). As Iwalked up and started to get the video camera out he was at a dead run but slipped when he tried to cut back with the runner. Wonks tripped and fell hard on his hinny, BUT, he jumped up, rubbed his rear and headed after the guy.

Following the game I made the~later to be realized dumb~decision to eat out at a Mexican food place. Hubby asked later why I chose mexican food after sitting/standing in the heat so long? "I wanted it." was my innocent reply. Now, 2 hours later I'm wondering why myself. But, I don't feel miserable enough to leave the computer!

Ok, shout out to Freddy. My head expaned when I read your comment. If you know Freddy then you know that for him to check my Blog before reading the latest news is big. Freddy would always keep us up to date on the latest goings on in the Catholic church. I never have to worry about missing out because I know Freddy will fill us in on the important stuff. I however have to get the dates straight. He notified us of the important Mass aired on EWTN last Friday. I thought it was going to be on the 18th, not the 14th. Sunday I sat down to DVR it and made the realization I had missed it. Snot!

Snot enjoys a good Pickle!

Can you flag for fair kick in U4 soccer? Snoot is giving it a try. I think he might have kicked the ball once or twice.

I now realized I have video of Wonk's game but, no pictures from today. Sorry.

Diva and Wonks are playing nice in their room, yes I checked and it is a good quiet for the time being. Snoot and Snot are well snoot and snotting in the living room. Snot has run to me with yet another piece of something off the window shade declaring "I sorry, I broke it." Now seeing as how I want new windows in the living room I'm not in a huge rush to see what their doing. But, on the other hand I'm not looking forward to another episode of a child requiring stitches or emergency surgery to place pins in his arm. So I guess I'll have to go.

Enjoy your weekend!

xoxo Amy

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