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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blessed!?! Sunday.

Good Morning.
I have returned from church and decided that I need to BLOG these thoughts.
Life/Mass before Bible Study was so much easier. If I didn't understand I just sit back and think about what I'd like for lunch or keep a child from crawling under the pew or separate the oldest because "She's touching me!"
Now with Bible Study I have a better understanding of what is being read. This morning for instance. The Gospel, Luke 16:1-13. Did you totally not get it? Why would the steward ask the debtors to rewrite their invoices for 1/2 of what they owe? Why did he think this would please his master and save his job? And then why did the master praise him? HA! Without knowledge of how things worked in that time this doesn't make much sense. Ok, the stewards job is to be the $$ manager. Joe Blow owes master 50 liters of Olive Oil. Steward pads his pocket by making the invoice out for 100 liters of Olive Oil. So thus when he has the debtors rewrite the invoices he makes them happy (secures friends for when/if he ever leaves current job.) and his boss because now he has collected on the debts. See?
The message though is dishonesty, you can't serve two Gods..etc.... Being popular, famous, loved by all isn't always a great plan and chances are your dishonest ways will come back to bite you.
Ok. Another thought that hit me during prayer. We are to reflect God/Jesus' image. Be forgiving, don't come to the alter if you have a grievance with your neighbor. Make right with your neighbor then come to the alter. God is all forgiving. Now while this is being preached my kids have decided to rebel. Diva and Wonks have decided to make a game of holding hands during the Our Father. Wonks can't control his desire to make the scariest shadow puppet, the list goes on. Diva begins to ask that if they are good in church can we go to the store. NOT! During another episode of he's too close, she took my book, etc... I pinch her arm for a reminder. She straightens up and tries to start acting better. She begins to snuggle up to me and I stiff arm her. BOOM! You come to me for forgiveness time and time again. Sometimes for the same thing. I forgive. I ask no questions. You are my daughter and I love you. Whoa......I ask God to forgive me (daily/hourly/sometimes minutely) but, here I stiff arm my daughter instead of putting my arm around her and assuring her of my love.
Reality check! This parenting thing just never ends.
A week ago I was all about building the Herd Cathedral, raising my support beams, carving delicate flowers/angels/birds, that someday will shine and be seen for their beauty. I'm wondering if I'm not building this cathedral on an earthquake line. Little tremors tend to halt my progress at times.
Ok, sermon over. I must now go shovel through the kitchen and living room so my father isn't grossed out when my parents arrive in a little bit. Hubby has taken off for work, again. He came home about 11pm last night. Please say a prayer for him and the guys working with him during these long hours, that this project is soon wrapped up.
Have a Blessed Sunday.

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