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Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm in Trouble!

I am Amy. I am a Blogoholic.
My friend comes over and we hurtle 4, yes 4, bags of trash so we can get to the computer so she can show me how to add cool stuff to my blog. She introduces me to another mom's blog. This other mom has 9 kids, ages 22-1, and homeschools, and blogs. She has tons of 'stuff' on her blog. Now, explain to me how we get addicted to this. When do we ever get anything else done? What excuses do we give our husbands when they come home and find us, yet once again, sitting at the computer? It is very difficult to keep coming up with excuses. UH>>>>I just sat down and you caught me. That excuse kind of blows when you can't stand up because your back has gone rigid and your legs have fallen asleep for lack of circulation.
Your twins are feeling terribly neglected and have resorted to slapping you with gloves and ganging up to pull your chair away from the computer. You laugh but, honey this is true. They were on the verge of dehydration and the only way they were getting a cup of juice from me was if they worked together and physically removed me from the desk.
Well. Thanks for checking in.
Happy Friday. And he'd never have caught me if he'd come home during the lunch hour when I was actually feeding the boys and talking to them. No, he comes home at 1:45. Darn those diabetics and their need for insulin. If it weren't for that he'd never have come home.

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