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Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Drama!

Ha, no real drama, just wanted to see if you're awake. We have had a fairly good Monday. Snoot had his doctor's appointment to check up on his arm. Things are looking good. However, we are out of soccer. Doc says not a good idea. With Snoot's track record it's best to keep him out of as many situation where he can reinjure, as possible.
Snot had a terrific day. He and Snoot stayed at school til 1:30p. I picked them up and we headed straight to Rehab. He did awesome with Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Amanda. He came home, had a quick snack, came in and told me he was tired. Ten minutes later I find him crashed on the sofa.
Wonks' teacher says she has a really sharp class this year. Yeah! But, ofcourse those first few weeks of school are a bit wild. She says she's holding on tight!
Diva and Wonks have done their homework. It is rainy and muggy muggy outside. Perhaps football will be cancelled and we'll all enjoy a quite evening at home. Wishful thinking? I hope not.
I cleaned out the cabinet in the hall bath and am heading to my bath. That is as soon as I help Diva with the box game. I don't know what this is so who knows how much help I'll be.
I want to share these pics with you.
I had a whole very creative entertaining blog/e-mail to go with them days ago but, now I'm blank. See,another great opportunity to have a direct connection brain to computer. Anyway, 2 or 3 weeks ago I go to take Snoot & Snot out of the bath. This is what I find.

The bathroom smelled like a fruit salad. The little darlings love to empty the remaining contents of my shampoo or liquid soap into the tub.

LOOK MOM! Bubbles!

So I grab my camera and start blogging in my head. I took some really good pictures. I then put Diva in and then Wonks and took pictures of them too. When I wasn't blogging in my brain I was imagining working with the photos and created a whole collage thing on the wall. Another project for my free time.

Time to get rid of little boys. Have a great Tuesday.

I started this e-mail yesterday morning, Monday, and am just now getting the computer to finish it. Between the kids and Hubby I don't get any computer time in the evenings.

xoxo Amy