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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

Another day down! I had a fairly uneventful day.
I had my haircut today at 11:30a. Do you watch Gray's Anatomy? Well, I was going for a kind of Addison look on my bangs and ended up with Meredith. Not, Judy's fault, my hair has NO body. And today with the humidity and mugginess still around there wasn't much hope for it. But,it is now layered some and lighter weight. I know not to complain about my thick hair. I do know I am blessed with it but, wow, sometimes it just gets so heavy. Anyway, got kids all home from school and learned Hubby wasn't coming home after work. He had a 6:00p dinner meeting. HELLO! Do you remember me telling you I have to be at school at 6:00p for a girl scout rally? Wonks was suppose to be at Football practice at 5:30p. That didn't happen. All my kids, plus one extra Girl Scout, went to school at 5:40p. It wasn't terrible but, that comes from me, the mom who listens to it alllll the time. Another troop leader took them outside after awhile.
We currently have about 10 girls in our troop. This evening I added one for sure, 2 most likely (they took registration forms and will be at meeting next week.) and two possibles. So that will bring us to about 15. DON"T TELL KYM....... She will hurt me! However, I don't really think it will be bad. But, then I don't plan on keeping up with allll the paperwork either. And I have a feeling we'll loose a few as time goes on. I need to call the office and get my pond back! Margaret donated to the council after our meeting last week. It is an awesome pond and I want to be sure and use it again.
Ok, the boys started getting kind of wild and I got onto them in the truck. Snoot, with tears in his eyes, says, "But Mom, we're sorry. We just Like You!" aaaaaaaa...... So then what do you do?
I told Diva she was going to have to be on good best behavior for sure now at troop meetings. The mother or our new girl is one of Daddy's bosses. When I told Diva she fairly bluntly says "Oh, snap."
The twins had another great day at school. They meet at the bathroom once today and had abit of a run in. Snot was going in and Snoot thought he needed to be first. Snoot had to sit in time out. After a few minutes he gets up and tells the teacher "I'm finished crying now. I go to the bathroom." I totally love their teachers. They fit real well with the boys.
Well, they are on the sofa right now (9:25pm). They took naps right after school today (2pm). Today was a long day for them. M-T-W they will stay til 1:30pm. St. Luke's offers and enrichment class every month on M&W for the kids to do after lunch. This month is science. So, when they come home at nearly 2pm they are beat.
I am going to go to bed now and think of how I am going to break the news of the big troop enlargement to Kym and my other moms. Helen knows, she was there. Luckily she was distracted with my boys but, I have a feeling I'll get a call. Margie will know because she is a faithful Word BLOG reader. So that only leaves a few.
Love ya all. Thanks for reading. Hey! Vote in my poll!

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Margie said...

You know it!! :) Did you figure out how to copy the 100 acre quiz?