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Friday, September 14, 2007

Shopping Trip!

Ok, you know I just love taking alll my kids shopping. Why, I wait til the last minute to buy birthday gifts, I have no idea. So instead of going out and finding something this morning, alone, I wait til I get Diva and Woonks. We have a quick snack at home and head out for Target. I figured I could use a Bless Your Heart day before the weekend. Mission: Get in. Twins in cart so they won't escape. Get gift. Spend no more than 15.00. Get out. Mission accomplished! (I wish!)
Twins did stay in cart. We did well at first. Ran into a friend and visited awhile. This was ok because it turned into babysitters for the boys on GS days. YEAH! We say goodbye. Diva finds a shirt for her friend. And ofcourse wants one herself. Not one in both their sizes. Shoot. THought we had it made. Look up! Voila - more shirts and plenty in thier sizes. "I want to look at the toys too." Ok, it's for Jilly so maybe something little to go with the shirt and the shoes we already have at home. BIG MISTAKE! Diva spends 10 minutes look on one aisle. Makes a decision and takes 2 seconds to say No. Next aisle. She finds a little dog. Perfect. Get it.
We see back to school stuff marked down. Take a look. $80.00 later we are at the check out, people looking at me with the whole Bless Your Heart look. Young checker thinks they are adorable. Even while Snot is screaming because she just put his Little Einstiens thermos in the bag. All my kids have an obsession with carrying their own stuff.
We are all walking to the truck and this truck of two girls drives by and they look at me with a strange look. I know I look insane but, it's who I am. We get to the truck and I realize the top button on my shirt came undone and I was showing 1/2 my bra. Hmmmm....wonder how long it's been that way? Hopefully only after I lifted boys out of cart and started toward the truck.
Well, Hubby has started the big truck, is honking and I assume that means I'm suppose to hurry. He doesn't realize though that if he leaves with a truck full of kids and forgets me, I'm not really disappointed. I'm calling a locksmith to change the locks!
Love ya

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Nancy said...

I love the picture of you and your dad. It speaks volumes!