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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Extra Curricular Question

HA! HA! HA! I laugh! Track? Seriously?! You must have me confused with my State Medal winning sister. I am one of those kids who jammed every finger in PeeWee basketball, had no coordination for Tennis, The volleyball and I just didn't get along, and I am the flat footedest person on the planet when it comes to running. I did try all these sports. I came home from a track meet in McCamey where I had to run the mile in the sleet and informed my Mother "I QUIT!" No more sports for this little girl. I did try UIL Journalism but, reporting was more JJ's cup of tea. She won a few State Medals for her writing. I believe they had creative writing and I kind of played at that but, if you haven't noticed my grammer and spelling are lacking, and that's with spellcheck and those squiggly green lines in Word.
No, UIL One Act Play was my passion. I know that with my shy, reclusive personality it's hard to believe.
Well, here I sit on Sunday morning. We all were up and at 9:00am Mass. We made it through another Mass with no trips to the bathroom. Picked up a newspaper and came home. Hubby read the paper then headed back to the office. He and two of his guys have been working lots of late hours and weekends to get projects completed. Not to mention all the extra managerial stuff he has. The fact he has a couple of guys up there too leads me to believe that he really is working and not just avoiding us.
I have some things to get done around here so I'd better hop to.
Happy Sunday.

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