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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Thank you Freddy!

Thank you Freddy!

I did it! It took me a couple of tries but, by cracker I got it.

I am Blogger, Hear me ROAR!

We have had a nice weekend. Yesterday we sort of chilled, Hubby went to work for awhile. We all went to Wonk's flag football practice at 4:00p. Oh My Gosh! He was so much better than I would have ever imagined. I wasn't real sure how he was going to do with this but, the coach is awesome. His name is Coach Bill and he's terrific. His patience, understanding, knowledge, ......of flag football and these boys is great. There are 12 on the team. Most are 7 however I found out a few of them will soon be 8. There are a few who are already 8 and then three 6 year olds. Wonks just turned 6 in June. But, he's a future Zack Thomas the way he rushes the quarterback. He and his Daddy are currently working on his mouthpiece.

Last night we ate at Chili's and worked our magic on their chocolate cake dessert. We can devour it in 2 1/2 minutes! The kids each colored a pepper for the St. Jude campaign Chili's is sponsoring right now. So keep a look out for them. Wonks' is very good and he wrote his name at top. Diva put her complete name on hers, Snoot wrote his name, his is all orange. I wrote Snot's name and his is blue, all blue.

Today we all made it to Mass, we were at the 11am. Sorry Freddy, 9am and my family have a tough time. Well, I should say 9am Mass and Hubby have a tough time. The kids were up at 700am. They behaved very well in church.

We took off for Abilene about 1:00. We discovered Red Robin about a month ago and loved it. After we ate and entertained the restaurant with Snot jumping up every few minutes to squeal "There's a chicken!" He would spot the red robin on a picture of the Grand Canyon. "Look JOSE, there he is!"

We then went to PetsMart. Mistake. There was a very orange and white kitten. NO, I didn't buy it. But, it was very difficult to get the kids out.

The Mall was alot of fun. Luckily it wasn't busy and they could roam around some. The Abilene Mall has a small play area. It was great. AND there was a sports perifinalia store right by it. They had all kinds of Texas Tech stuff. They had longhorn and aggie stuff too but, who wants that stuff? Snot - as some know, loves his red shoes. They are red canvas converse $5.00 shoes from Wal-Mart. Welllll, this store had black shoes with the TT logo on the side and Raiders written down the back of the shoe. Totally got them! Now he has a red pair and a black pair. After the mall we came home. I'm tired. I can't think of many funny things that happened. Oh, at the T&C on the way home we all went in. As I come out with the 3 boys Snoot says "Thanks Mom for letting me go potty." There is a couple out side and they crack up. Now, I usually don't have a good line until about 20 minutes later. This time though I responded "Well, I hope you made it a good one. You don't get to go again til Wednesday." HA! I got another laugh.

Ok, well I have had to take a few breaks from doing this post. So I have no idea what I've written and best of all I don't think I'll re-read it or spell check it, so I hope you have had fun reading it.

Enjoy Labor Day! I am off to read more Harry Potter! I have just met the Brother!!! You were right, I'd never have guessed it but, had a complete DUH?!? Moment when I read it.
Love ya'

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Bjjmc said...

I told you, you would be blown away about the brother. I felt the same way. Then I got mad at him for always being around but not helping! Then I got OK with him and in the end he didn't matter much! I really had thought he would step up and complete Harry's training or somthing.