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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good Morning!

I notice I haven't posted since my big Whoopie 500 clicks! Well, not that much is happening. Snoot and Snot had their last soccer game. Wonks had the last football game of the season. Their team did make it to the playoffs. We will have those games this upcoming weekend. Diva gave me what I thought was a snow job Friday morning. She really didn't feel good Thursday night. Friday morning said she still felt bad. I bought it and by noon thought I had been snowed. However, by the afternoon she was down again. She did this off and on all weekend. I made her stay home Saturday from a day of Brownie fun. When she didn't argue alot I figured she wasn't snowing me after all. Sunday we took the kids to the mall in the afternoon and got a few more jeans for the boys. The weather has finally cooled and it's time for 'tall' pants. Snoot hates to wear tall pants. Wonks doesn't much care for button pants but, is being alot more cooperative this year. Diva always loves an excuse to buy clothes. That's my girl!
Sunday evening was pretty mundane. OH, Saturday........... funny how a mind blocks out horrible experiences. I got home about 1:30 from the Girl Scout activity, Wonks and Hubby arrived home about 2:15 from the football game. Kids went off to play and Hubby and I sat down for the Tech vs Mizzou game. Not such a great game. We knew there was a good chance of loosing. But, come on!! Following the 41 to 10 loss Hubby needed to get out. We took the kids to Chili's for chocolate cake and margaritas. The kids and I ate the cake. Hubby had the margarita. We did eat 'real' food first. We then drove around looking for Halloween lights and displays.
Yesterday was a typical Monday. Grocery store, school, rehab, football practice. Diva went to school. She woke telling me how sick she felt. Barely able to whimper out an "I don't feelllllll gooood......" Then the next minute "WONKS! GET OUT OF MY CHAIR!" Yeah, she's sick.
She perked up when I reminded them this week is book fair. Suddenly we had enough energy to beg for money and tear the room apart looking for spare change.
Have a great Tuesday. Time to finish twin lunches and catch a quick shower.

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