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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Friday Tired on Wednesday........

Yesterday I worked at the book fair at school. The other mom working with me made the statement she was Friday tired. For some reason I have felt this way too. Maybe it is the weather. Maybe it's just the kids slowly wearing me down. Please tell me your neighbors hear things like this too.......

"Get the tricycle off the trampoline." "Why is the tricycle on the trampoline?"

"I don't know?"

"Stop that!" "Where did you get that stick?"

"I don't know?"

"Well, give it to me." "And your brother is NOT a pini-ana (pinata)."

"Oh, calm down Snoot. He didn't poke you with it. Besides he hit a bone. No internal organs. You'll be fine." "Want an Oreo?"

"If I hear that water faucet on one more time I"m going to bury you so deep the dogs can't dig you up!" (Yes, when the finally straw has been drawn I have yelled this out the back door.)

Wednesday was Parent Share and Snoot and Snots school. They were so cute singing their songs in class. They enjoyed showing me all their cool stuff they had made. Snoot had therapy for his arm and is doing real well.

Today I had to take Spike the cat to the vet. $200.00 later we are trying to decide if Spike should have surgery, another $250.00+, on his leg or bring him home and nurse him ourselves. HA!!!! Did you catch the joke? Nurse the cat OURselves.......ha...ha...ha.......rolling on floor laughing.... Ok, composed. I mean if I want to bring him home and nurse him while his leg heals 'naturally'. He is young and should heal quickly. He has a green tree type break in the upper bone of his back right leg. Not sure how it happened. He was waiting at the door this morning when I returned from taking Diva and Wonks to school. He couldn't move and wouldn't even think about putting pressure on the leg. I had the vet take x-rays and while he did that he went ahead and neutered Spike. It was scheduled for November anyway. So, there we are with that. I will bring him home tomorrow and we'll see how things go.

Oh, the coolest thing has happened. Hubby has offered $$ to Diva. She is excited about washing dishes. Who knew! She can earn $5.00 a week if she washes dishes. When she learned that my version and Daddy's version differ a fair bit she was skeptical but, decided to give it a try. So far it has worked real well. She was actually disappointed this afternoon that there weren't a whole lot to wash. Well, I can help with that. I'm always looking for a good excuse to not do housework. AND the most surprising thing of all..... The dishes are actually Clean!

Wonks jumped on the band wagon too. I offered him $$ if he'd go in the backyard and clean up the foam Biscuit had scattered all over. She has been able to pull down the foam coverings off the trampoline poles. She then tears them into shreds and scatters them all over the yard. So, Wonks and the twins picked up foam and sticks. Hubby and I are now trying to think of way to trick...I mean manipulate....I mean suggest...yea, suggest how the kids spend/save their money.

Snot will probably want to take his $$ and go get more haircuts. Yes, I did say Snot would want to get more hair cuts. We have had a break through. Sports Clips has opened here. Hubby took Wonks Monday night. So Tuesday after school I took Snoot and Snot. They were all excited until it was Snots turn. Then the tears started rolling and he freaked! The lady was great. Before I knew it he was all into it. Now he wants to go to the haircut store everyday after school.

Our pumpkins fell victim to the heat last week. The tall pumpkin with the K was going bad anyway. It was a freeby from the pumpkin patch. It totally collapsed. When I went to clean it up I noticed all the gnats and horrible stench. So I took all the colors out and trashed the pumpkins. Well, this ofcourse, devastated the kids, especially Snot. His pumpkin with the HaHa face was gone. So, as reward for being a good boy at the haircut store we all went to the pumpkin patch after we picked up Diva and Wonks at school. Diva had a chance to take more pictures and did a good job. We got one big one and a small one for Snot. Perhaps we'll hammer them tomorrow.

Well, speaking of tomorrow I am going to help the photographer at Snoot and Snots' school. Tomorrow is Fall Picture taking time! They will take a pic of the boys together so I think that is what I am going to do.

Thanks for checking in. I see we are almost to 600 hits. Cool!

The Herd in the Patch! Snoot playing the sticks!
Snot loves his haircut! Showing off for the camera.

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