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Friday, October 12, 2007

Mud Boogers, Cat medicine, Angels and Police

Well, life is never boring. There is a good blog in every day. Yesterday was our crazy Thursday. Ballet at 4:30, Soccer and Football at 5:30. Yesterday I also had a crochet class at 6:30. So with careful planning, strategic drop zones every, and a call to pizza delivery all areas were covered. And the question of whether or not the kids would get a bath on a night with Dad was answered when they came in from the backyard covered in mud. So into the tub they went. Mom wasn't home so they piled the wet clothes in the hall and saved them for me. What sweethearts. I enjoyed my class and am looking forward to next weeks classes too. Unfortunately this has re sparked my crochet habit and that in turn causes me to go to Hobby Lobby and stock up on more yarn. Because as every crocheter and knitter knows, you can never have enough!
Ok, you know that October is like Safety month. Fire prevention, police and people in uniform are your friend etc.... Well, Snoot and Snots school is very good at teaching the kids how to be safe. The boys made telephones out of card stock. They look like the old GTE black phones. Well, my boys learned well. At about 3:45p yesterday there was a knock at the door. I open the door to see a policeman. "Is everything ok?" "Ummmm...yes...?...." "We received a 911 call from this address." "Oh, I'm sorry. (SNOOT AND SNOT!) I think the boys were in my room and I bet they were playing with the phone." Snoot and Snot arrive......"Where's Mikey?" Policeman looks at me with question in his eyes. "Sorry, they have a friend at school whose dad is a policeman." They continue to grill the man on where Mikey is and call his police car a fire truck. Yes, they are 4 1/2 and yes they have seen fire trucks and police cars and yes they should know the difference. The officer is very nice and doesn't fuss at the boys, wishes us a nice afternoon and leaves. This is only the second time in the last few days we have had the police show up. The first time wasn't our fault. We were looking at a house and the realtor had the code wrong for the alarm system.
Our girl cat, Jack, has been limping and not walking on her front left leg. The vet couldn't find anything. Shot her up with some drugs, kept her over night to 'fix' her, and sent her home with amoxicillin that I now have to remember to give her twice a day. I can't remember to doctor my human kids when they are coughing up lungs much less the cat!
I picked Snoot and Snot up from school and they started right off fighting. I dropped of my Troops order form for the fall products and made a Mary Kay delivery to a friend who works at the GS office. One of my fellow leader friends was there so it was nice to visit. She also got her first introduction to the twins. Later in the little lobby area of the office Snoot and Snot were getting crazy I told them to be quiet because there was a meeting. Then I hear them "Shhh.... Snoot, baby sleeping." "No, not a baby, there is a meeting." "NO Momma, Baby," "Oh my! There's a tiny baby in a carrier on the other side of the table. Not being on their eye level I didn't notice him. Stefanie and Carrie busted up. I had been bustling around, yapping, going on about my lost glasses. Snoot and Snot being Snoot and Snot and the whole while this little fellow was over there just snoozing away. He's Stefanie's nephew she was babysitting. TOOO CUTE! After I discovered him she let me hold him. But, she wouldn't trade me 2 for 1. I make this offer all the time. Haven't had a taker yet.
Ok..... Angels..... Well, as I said I had lost my glasses, eyeglasses. I often wear my glasses and swap out with my Rx sunglasses. I had stuck my glasses in the front of my shirt because the were falling off the top of my head. I got to the GS house and didn't have them. I was wearing the sunglasses but, couldn't find the eyeglasses anywhere. When I finished at the office I went back to the little shop where I had left my order form for the lady collecting them. My glasses were laying on the ground in front of the front door. I know people had gone in and out that door because the lady that was there when I was, had left and there were two more vehicles in the parking lot. My glasses aren't bent, scratched, twisted, broken in anyway. They were laying right in front of the door! The door would have hit them when opened! Now you tell me there aren't Angels and Saints watching out for me! You can tell me but, I won't believe you.
And Mud Boogers. Well I told you Snoot and Snot were fighting since two seconds after getting in the big red truck. Outside Snoot decides to through dirt in Snot's face. Thus we have mud boogers for about an hour.
Well, I'm off to blow the acorns off the driveway (pet peeve of mine.) and pick up puppy pooh.
Love ya'
Have a terrific weekend. Go Raiders! Beat A&M!

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