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Monday, October 15, 2007

Pumpkins and Football!

It was a weekend of Pumpkins and football and a little soccer. Snoot and Snot had a 9am game. They did ok. They don't really go after the ball much but, they do get on the field and run. If we could get a little cloud cover to hide the shadows they might find that ball kicking is just as fun as shadow chasing. Wonks had a 12n flag football game. The Cowboys didn't do so well. The first part of the game wasn't as smooth as it has been in the past. The other team was really good. However we did have the game tied close to the end. We had made a touchdown and were going for the extra point. In Flag football for one point you have 3 yards to the goal. If you want two points you have to go 10 yards to get in. THREE times we went for it. The other team got a flag each time. Then! on the fourth try, no flags, but the quarterback fumbled the snap. The other team turned around and in three plays made a touchdown. Some of our poor boys were devistated. They had been undefeated and I have a pretty good feeling so was the other team. Our last soccer and football games are this upcoming Saturday. If the Cowboys make it to the playoffs, which I'm pretty sure they will. We rushed home after the Flag Football game and camped out in the living room with snacks, sodas, and something to crochet. It was time for the big TECH vs TEXAS A&M game! We were nervous in the beginning, especially after our first drive fizzled and then they scored. But, we regrouped and zoom! Big game coming up this weekend against Missouri.
We've had a pretty good Monday. Wonks brought home a discipline paper for pushing and hitting in line up. Diva is just experiencing the normal drama of Third Grade. She is convencied that I had twin boys for the soul purpose of ruining her life.
Yesterday we cleaned around the house. Watched the 'big' cowboys game on tv. Yesterday evening we visited our favorite pumpkin patch. Each kid picked out a pumpkin to pound pegs into. I found these kits at Wal-Mart that are like light brights. It looks like a fun new way to decorate. I think I have them convenced we will do them tomorrow after Girl Scouts. After the pumpkin patch we went for drive to find Halloween lights. The boys were having a blast. Diva was tramatized by all their excited squeals.
Well, speaking of, I need to get more handouts and calendars ready.

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