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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What a fun Weekend!

We had such a terrific weekend it has taken me this long to get a post. (did you buy it?) What if I say.....We had a busy weekend and I've been too lazy to upload pictures and post on the Blog? (yeah, thought you'd buy that.)

We did have a pretty great weekend.

Friday Wonks' class had their first Pops Concert at school. The kids sang, danced and played instruments. They had to learn a song and try out to play the xylophone for the concert. Wonks made the cut.
They played Mary had a Little Lamb.

He was very excited to have Mom, Dad, Grandma, Snoot & Snot at his concert. Diva saw him when they performed for the school.

Saturday morning Snoot and Snot had a soccer game. Grandma met me at the field so she could take the boys to the farm after the game. I left the game early for Girl Scout Training. I was in training from 830a-230p. I brushed up on some information I had received before and became better familiar with my role as leader. I also enjoyed the time I got to spend with my Girl Scout friends. I left a bit early so I could catch Wonks' football game. They won again! Undefeated! The last few plays of the game the coach let Wonks' and another younger player receive a handoff. Wonks' dropped his but, frankly I don't think he had a clue what to do. He plays defense so he was at a complete loose about what to do with the ball. Eric however took off. He was so cute. Diva went to a birthday party following the game and the rest of us went home for a nap. Wonks and I picked Diva up at the hotel where the swim party sleepover was taking place and beelined to the coliseum to see Disney on Ice. I LOVE DISNEY ON ICE. Every 2 years for the past 6 years we have had a show come here. The tickets aren't cheap but, in my opinion soooo worth it. The costumes and dancing are great. A couple with their teenage daughter sat about 5 rows above us. After the show the mom told me she thinks I had more fun than the kids.

Snot, Grandma, Diva and Snoot all enjoyed the show. I got these cools binoculars for the boys.
Wonks was at the show too.
Sunday was fairly uneventful. We played at the park, worked around the house. Hubby had me help measure the exterior of the house. I think he has been trying to find another house to move to so he doesn't have to remodel this one. So far he hasn't had any luck. I think it will take something major awesome to get me out of my current home.
He and I both grew up in small towns and schools. I am not overly excited about raising my kids in the big school district but, at the same time with 4 kids and all our activities the town is shrinking for us. I mean really. When the ASU women's basketball coach sees a picture of a little boy running infront of the Ram football team and knows the kid and the kid is mine. I pretty much begin to think that there isn't much we or my kids can do without others finding out. And if that isn't enough our picture is splattered on the back of a bus and has been on various billboards throughout town all summer. I just wish we weren't all so shy and introverted. ::snort:: (remember snorting in :: is the thing we bloggers do. I don't normally snort when talking but, apparently it's the thing to do. maybe I'll try a ~ha~ that looks more like me than snorting.) Ok, so ~HA~
Well, I'm off to cookie training tonight. Girl Scout cookies will be going on sale in January! Start clearing out the freezers and cabinets. My cookie Mom and I will have to clean out our dining rooms because for a month we become the troop warehouses.
Homework time and I'd better find something to leave for supper. OH, and there are all those clothes on the bed. Laundry day again oh..... this is a perfect place for a ::snort:: and a big one at that! I hate Laundry!
Take care. xoxo

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