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Friday, October 5, 2007

I'm here. I'm here.....

Hello. I realize it has been Tuesday since I posted. Sorry. I know how you can't function without me. If you could tap into my scathingly brilliant mind you'd see that I have wonderful post just floating around. Getting them from brain to keyboard is the trick.
We have had a fairly relaxing week. Wednesday was a free night from church studies. We ate dinner with Hubby and then he went back to the office, again. He meant to leave at about 6:30 but, ended up staying til 7:45. Why? I had the the scathingly brilliant idea to get him to help Diva with her escape plan. This is Fire Prevention month. Monday she brought home a piece of grid paper to draw an outline of the house and how we'd escape from a fire. I asked him to help her map off the outside walls and then I could help her finish it. Well, the engineer came alive. He had her outside stepping off the measurements. walking all over pointing out which walls continue on even if another wall intercepts it. They had a lot of fun and Diva got some quality time with Dad. Hubby has taken Thursday and Friday this week to work on paperwork. Yuck. I love it when he does this because for a short period of time we feel organized and paid up on things. I hate it because it always involves "Amy, do you have a receipt for this from April 2004?" "AAAMMMYY!!! Where's the hole punch?" "Sweetie.......why did you visit Hobby Lobby 10 times in one month?" "We spent how much on pizza delivery!!???!!!!"
"Where is the trash bag of bills from the hospital?" It is always good to dive in to this bag every now and then. As we began raffling through the bills 4 years ago after the twins were born we found that they charged us for Baby A, Baby B, and Snoot. Ummm excuse me. I only gave birth to 2 babies. Baby A and Snoot happen to be the same kid.
So I had Hubby to myself yesterday morning. I enjoyed having him around during the day with no kids. Just a couple of days though. Monday he needs to go back to work.
Ok. So far nothing too dramatic. Well. Yesterday about 1pm I get a call from school. "Mrs. Herd this is Wonk's Kindergarten teacher." "yeeessss..." "I just need to let you know we had a bit of a problem on the playground." "yessss..." "Wonks decided he need to go to the bathroom really bad. So he chose the nearest tree." "yess......" "I explained to him that he can't do this and needs to let us know so he can go to the bathroom in the school. He understood and all is ok with that." "yess...." (I can feel the but coming) "However, another child was there and Wonks pee'd on his head and shirt." "WHAT!?!" "It was an accident. These kids seem to have no depth perception or acknowledgement of personal space. They even run into each other in an open space running across the playground." "The other mother picked her son up, took him home for a shower. She is ok. She understands that things happen. We just wanted to make you aware of the situation." "Thank you. We'll talk to him this evening." Are you kidding me!?
Here it is one day away from the end of the first 6 weeks. I thought Wow we made it. I was really worried this might happen. We've talked to him but, as you can see apparently that was during one of his selective deaf moments.
Ok. I need to get twins ready for school. Sorry I don't have more entertaining stuff.
I will however leave you with some Fire Prevention Month info. No matter how auugghhh you feel when you kid says they have to make a map of the house, find an escape route and meeting place. No matter how much you want to lock them in the closet when they ask "Are you going to blow those candles out when we go to bed? and Have you checked the smoke detector?" Do it. We came to realize that the very few detectors we have weren't working. Hubby and I bought 50.00 worth of smoke detectors yesterday and are putting them up. When talking to my friend about this she said to practice escape with them. She did a demo with her kids. Put construction flames in the kitchen and started yelling "Fire in the kitchen! Get out of the house!" They ran into the closets.
We can never reinforce safety with our kids too much. No matter how many times we tell our guys to ask before petting a dog and don't go up to people without Mommy or Daddy. Yesterday at the park where Wonks had a scrimmage, We spy snoot across the playground, walk up to a man and start petting his German Shepard puppy.
Love ya.
Have a terrific Friday.
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Nancy said...

You just have to laugh to keep from crying, don't you?!?