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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday

Good Saturday Morning.
Well, JJ and I made it to Black Friday once again. 4:30am we were standing next to our prized item. The latest thing for Diva has been the Nintendo DS. She suddenly pulled this out of her hat the other week. Pooh! What is that? Oh! We have replaced the 30.00 (on sale Black Friday for 10.00) Bratz head that you add makeup to and fix her hair, with a 150.00 Nintendo DS. AND we are picky about what game we get. Lucky for me Wal-Mart had a pink one with a dog game on sale.
Wonks has up and decided he wants a Rescue Hero Police Car. A couple of years ago we did all the rescue Hero stuff and it was everywhere. This year, not so much. E-bay here I come. Unless............someone out there has one they'd like to sell..........let me know.
Snoot is taken care of but, Snot is still talking about a SpongeBob skateboard. I think Daddy is going to have to help be the deciding factor on this one.
We are having perfect Fall/Thanksgiving weather today. It is cloudy, wet, coooolllldddd. I love it. Hubby? Not so much. We received a phone call at 7:30am. There are pump problems somewhere. He bundled up and left. I kept trying to shove extra hats, gloves, pants, socks, shoes at him. "I won't be gone that long." So I kissed him goodbye and am hoping it's just something minor. Sometimes they don't really need him out there. He just goes for moral support and to be the person to take the heat if something goes wrong. That's my man.
Well, take care. Enjoy your weekend. Shop til ya' drop! That's my philosophy and we take it very seriously on Black Friday. Only two, well maybe three things, will get me out of bed at 3:30am. Hot Air Balloons, Black Friday, or catching an airplane.
Love ya'

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