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Monday, November 26, 2007

Back to School

Back to school! Back to school!
I think the twins and I are the only ones glad to be back. This morning Diva remembered she needed to return a book she borrowed from her teacher. Could she find it? No....(duh) Wonks was totally bewildered when I woke him at 6:30a. School.?.
I go to school?
No, Snot, I go to school?
NO! I go to school!
Oh! Good Gravy! You both go to school~!~
Oh Thanks Mom! You're the best!
I can't find the book!!!!!
Where's my backpack. Do I have shoes? Can I watch SpongeBob?
We arrive at school and I see several parents walking kids in. A Mom getting out of her truck~in the drop off line~so she can hug her kid good-bye.
Me-----Welllllll...... Wonks opens the door, I am still moving and he nearly falls out. Mr. E the 5th grade teacher comes and helps. Yeah! Some Moms take that extra time to show their kids they love them. Me-----slowing down only long enough to kick them out on the curb.
Sunday I was finally beat into submission and climbed up into the attic to retrieve the Christmas decorations. I should have taken a picture. Honestly I went up and down that ladder 15 times. The kids were a big help and would catch the lighter stuff from half way down the ladder. We went through one box at a time. The tree in the living room is up. Diva put up her tree. The boys tree is still in the bag. I'm thinking it is the old tree I have had for about 8 years and it isn't prelite. God Bless the rich dude who prelite trees. GENIUS! I myself like the real tree. However it didn't take but, a few Christmas' of listening to Tom sneeze, sniffle, cough to break and get a fake tree. I thought this year I might get a real tree and put it up outside on the porch. But then I'd have to put lights on it. That nightmare hasn't faded as much as the childbirth experiences have. We'll stick to throwing some white lights in the little oak by the front door.
Speaking of white lights outside. Check out this awesome picture I got Snot to sit for. I took several and was amazed at how well this one turned out.
Here is one of Snoot's pictures. Little stinker couldn't sit still to save his life.
We had wet/snowy/sleety weather all weekend. Nothing stuck and the roads weren't all icy this morning so that was a good thing.
We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are getting ready to celebrate Advent and the arrival of the Baby Jesus.
Amy & the Herd

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