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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Many Hats!

We all have our plethora of hats that we wear. Well this week mine have been getting a run through. If there isn't one I've worn, I don't want to know about it. I had my nurses hat on three times yesterday. Wonks woke with a slight fever still and coughing alot. He stayed home and drove me nuts by mid-morning. My GS hat has gotten a work out too. We got our nuts after all! The Council person was able to get our orders out of the reserve purchased for the store. YEAH! Now, to get them all delivered to my girls, then to the customers, then all the money back to me, counted, deposited, and paperwork into council on time. No sweat! Waiter! Bring me my Saffron! Yesterday, Snot was playing Ratatouille and brought me a wine cooler from the fridge. He called it my Saffron. I said no thank you, maybe later.
Then there is the chauffeur hat, chef hat (the hat in the best shape in my house.), housekeeper, laundress (most hated hat). The carpenter hat had to be dragged out to fix a picket in the fence. The neighbor called and her new little Jack Russell puppy was scared to death by the two big heads with the deep barks, peaking through the fence. Buddy and Biscuit were able to dislodge a loose picket enough to get their snouts into the neighbors yard. Gardener hat, my pansies were getting droopy.
This morning while putting on my volunteer hat I was interrupted by cries from Snot. Oops, need EMT hat. While Snoot and Snot were trying to get in the truck a small disagreement broke out and Snot ended up banging his head on the brick step. There wasn't much blood but a fair size little gash. We took Snoot to school and I took a poll of how many moms/teachers felt he should see a doc. Consensus was have it looked at. Dr. G, famous for the whisker stitches he gave Snot about 2 years ago, looked at the head. It was decided to try glue first. It worked. However, the cut didn't close as much as he'd liked for it to. Mom make a decision. Should we try to close it more with two stitches. Stitches will leave a bit of a train track scar but thinner. Both ways will heal fine. With just the glue it will be a bit wider scar. I opted to leave it. Snot was terrific through most all the exam. When Dr. G started coming at him with the glue wand thing he started freaking out. We agreed that with his emotional state it was probably best to forget the stitches.
He got a Bugs Bunny band-aid and all was well. We then joined his class and Snoots class at school. They were having a Native American Festival today. They hunted for cranberries and learned all about them. Fished with spears, made cave drawings, rubbed sticks together to make fires, and their own thumb pots. It was a great experience for them. That was why I had my volunteer hat on. I was to help with thumb pots.

Snoot showing you his cranberry dessert he made from the cranberries he picked.

Ok, well I have remembered that I need to put on my prayer hat and work on the opening prayer for my class tonight. They have only given me 3 weeks to get it together!

Take care. Enjoy the rest of the week. xoxoxoxo Amy

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