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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Better now

Good Morning. Well, good afternoon, it is 2:45pm.
The e-bay item I won as a cute Christmas plaid dress I bid on for Audrey. Ok, do you do this? Go on e-bay looking for something specific. When you find one you like you watch it and hit see sellers other items. Then you find something else you like and before you know it you went online to find a red purse and end up with a red purse, a pink purse, and a pair of socks!
Ok, well I made it to bed last night and was doing fine. Then I closed my eyes. Don't close your eyes!! The bed spun, rocked, rolled, jumped. I tried to talk myself down but, it didn't work. After I got sick, washed my face and brushed my teeth I was way better. I didn't wake til 6:45a this morning when one of the twins joined us in bed.
Just thought I'd check in case any of you had read the last post and were worried about me.
Ooops! The Tech vs Texas game has started and a not so nice word was just yelled from the living room. Better go check.

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