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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lights, balling, trains

Ok. We took the kids bowling or in twin language, balling. So, we went balling. Wonks loves to bowl. Check out the video. This is one of the first videos I have done on my new little camera. Some how it recorded in Fast Forward. Hysterical.

He did fall down at the end. He was so excited he slipped off the bowling platform. Didn't get hurt. Bounced right back up. WOW> Now that I know how to do this imagine the possibilities.

The Santa Fe Depot here in town has a terrific model train display. Every Christmas they have a Santa and open up the model trains for everyone to enjoy. They are truly amazing. The Santa at the Depot comes in special from California. His daughter and son-in-law are active in the Depot. He has been coming for 8 years. I'm telling ya' He is the real deal.

THis is a model of how our town looked when the trains were active.
We hope you all are well. Snoot is still battling something. He urped at the Mexican Food restaurant today at lunch. Snot woke with his right eye glued shut with pink eye. IT's been a fun weekend. We were eating with Hubby's twin brother and family Friday night. Wonks urped all over. Snot woke during the night and was so stressed/scared/worked up/distraught over a bad dream, he urped. I'm ready to keep everyone home. Hose the house down with Clorox. And pray all is better by Christmas. Stay well. xoxo Amy

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